Sunday, September 9, 2012

Graham's Nursery...almost complete!

So there are only two three FOUR things left to do in Graham's nursery - hang a Star Light and leaf from Ikea, hang a picture that Chris drew (a long time ago) and purchase wooden letters to spell out G R A H A M and paint them - and hang those as well.. ok is that more than three?? I don't know, but that's all that we have to do!

Here is what it looks like!

Shot from the door

Crib bedding and pillows

Nursing corner - there will be the star light hung behind my chair and the lamp there will go back to James. We also have a LARGE leaf from Ikea that needs to be hung as well!

The swing! James HATED that thing!

I love how it has turned out! I was thinking of making a crib skirt for the bottom of the crib as I still have a lot of the owl fabric left. Most likely I will! Knowing me...

Now all I need is Graham to show up.. even though he'll be sleeping with us for the first little while.

Much love