Wednesday, September 5, 2012

33 weeks

I think I say this every week but I cannot believe we are at 33 weeks already!!

I had a midwife appointment yesterday, and we went over some of the stuff I need to know in order to have our Home Birth. I got my Home Birth package - which includes all the forms necessary to have a home birth in British Columbia as well as all the newborn forms that will need to be filled out. It kinda puts a perspective on how much longer I have till we get to meet Graham.

I also picked up my Home Birth kit - which includes some of the supplies that will be needed. Chris was ON ME about this. So all I need now is some towels, Hydrogen peroxide, straws and other miscellaneous stuff and some painters drop sheets... odd I know - but apparently they work good for your bed, couch or wherever you plan to birth.

I also got my stuff to do the GBS test which I am not looking forward to. But Jillian (one of my midwives) said I should take it between 34 & 35 weeks, since I gave birth to James at 37 weeks she is worried that Graham will come early and we won't have the test results. So, I get to do that next week... yay! So all that is pretty much in place. I told her about the lower pelvic pain and the braxton hicks contractions and she said it's because he is head down and is getting into the birth position. So that was also good to hear. At least I know we are on the right track

I've gained some more weight, which they are happy about! I think I am at about 15lbs total so far. I've been craving orange juice again and ice water. Nothing else really. Just eating what I want. So all in all it was a good appointment. Looking forward to my next visit in 2 weeks and then I get a home visit and then I see them every week.

This week hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns - I thought I would be kind and let our new neighbors know that we plan to have a home birth and if they hear anything odd close to my due date that I am not being abused or anything but am having a baby and please DO NOT call the cops. Plus, I wanted to let me landlord know. Well - I should have kept my big trap shut! Let's just say, my landlord wasn't keen on the idea but since he has no legal leg to stand on he's going along with it. I let the others know and they are all ok with it. No worries or concerns.. well not voiced anyways.

Dealing with the Canadian Government has been hectic as well. Since I worked only part time.. like serious part time my claim is slightly different... plus I need a new ROE as my employer filled it out incorrectly. UGH! I just want something to go right!

Now there has been some GOOD happen! Today I received my Je Port Mon Bebe wrap all the way from France - holy cow there is a lot of fabric to a wrap. Plus, I also received my new AppleCheeks storage sac which is SUPER cute and I will be doing a review on it.

OH! OH! I almost forgot to mention - I won a LittleD's Anatome wrap last week too! Yay for baby wearing gear! I've also clinched some reviews from some awesome WAHM products and companies and I cannot wait to share with all of you!

So that's that in a nut shell. I'm sitting here thinking - I am rambling again! Which I am... but too bad!!

33 weeks

Much love