Friday, January 27, 2012

So out of shape

I've never been a real exercise girl. To be perfectly honest I hate it. While in school, it was required to take P.E. (Physical Education), I gritted my teeth and took it. But I didn't like..nope not one bit. Now there were a few things I did enjoy like Volleyball, and hockey oh and Badminton. But other than that ugh. From the ages of 10 - 17 I was in dance. Now not to typical ballet or jazz. I was in..get ready for it...

Square Dancing! Yup! And I was damn good at it too! So there was my activity for the week. Twice a week I was at dance. Wednesday's were squares and I probably danced for 4-5 hours. On Sunday's I did round dancing which is very similar to Ballroom dancing..sorta.

I told myself for this year I will get back into shape. Easy peasy right? WRONG! I didn't realize HOW out of shape I really am. I went for a run/jog/walk today and just about died 10 minutes in.

This is going to be a lot more difficult than I first thought.

I'm determined though. I will get back into shape..eventually!

Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend

Much love