Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, we celebrated J's 2nd Birthday!! Now he doesn't actually turn two till Wednesday, but we decided to celebrate the weekend before, since we will have our family photo's taken this coming weekend!

The party took place at my in laws. Our place is just TOO small to house the amount of family and friends who were to attend. During the day Nana let him play with her camera.. I think I have a little photographer in the making here. We tried to keep him busy until the party started.

I originally decided to just do a cake, but in the end I did 2 dozen Cookie Monster cupcakes and an Elmo cake. I must say, I think they turned out well!

We had hamburgers and hot dogs, along with other party foods. Like Chips, and dip...spinach dip (which never lasts long!!) We also watch San Fran beat New Orleans!! (GO SAN FRAN!!)

J ran around, and got to visit with some of his favorite people. We all had dinner and then it was time for cake. Last year J cried while we were singing Happy birthday to him, but this year he just clapped his hands and shouted with excitement. He wasn't to sure about his cupcake.. so instead I gave him a big 'ol slab of cake and he devoured it!

After cake, we opened gifts, I always let people know that gifts are 100% optional. I don't like to put pressure on our Friends to bring him gifts, but they always do.

This year, he received some awesome gifts, like a new Lacrosse stick, 2 more sessions of swimming lessons, a firetruck that he is constantly driving around the house. He also got some new "Momo" characters, and some great clothes! He also got some great Mr. Men books! They were my fav growing up. OH! and I cannot forget..a keyboard to go along with his Rockin Elmo! (yay...)

He had a blast opening them up as well as playing with the new toys he got.

His new Lacrosse stick, from Uncle Scott!

By the time everyone left, he was more than ready for bed and went down like an angel. After he was asleep, we cleaned up and then had some adult time with our friends. It was so nice to have everyone come together and celebrate our little man's special day. He is so loved by all.

I do have a confession to make.. I am SO glad I only have to do this once a year. (Well, until there is a second little one hehe) But even takes a lot of time but so worth it in the end!

Much love xoxo