Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our weekend!

C has been off of work now for almost 3 weeks. Sigh. He was laid off which has never happened, but it's ok cause J and I LOVE having him around during the day! Our weekend was quiet and relaxed.

On Friday we went over to the in laws for dinner, which was nice since that meant I didn't have to cook! Mom made a lasagna and Cesar salad! YUM! Then we just came home and put little J to bed.

On Saturday I had to work a 4 hour shift, but again we didn't do much. I got a couple of funny shots of J trying to open C's can of Bud. The child is enthralled with cans. Any type of can. But this picture is especially funny as he was actually trying to open it (Please do not send me hate mail. He was kidding around and J never got close to opening the darn can!) We had dinner and J went to bed..but 3 hours later he woke up..and was WIDE awake! So rather than fighting with him to go back to sleep we let him stay up and watch SNL with us. Then after that (1:00 am) we all headed to bed. J slept with us that night. Which is odd for him. He's never been one to 'co sleep' but the last little while he has been crawling into bed with us...I don't mind. I love the cuddles.

Sunday was a write off. We didn't want to do anything. We pretty much stayed inside and played or Aquadoodled. But we did venture out for some grocery shopping and then went to the in laws again for our Sunday dinner. Something we do EVERY Sunday.

I love weekends at home. I don't mind at all... since this weekend coming up we are celebrating J's 2nd ..OH MY his second birthday!! I wanted to take it easy..I have lots to do this week.. like prep food and what not as well as work and back a cake and cupcakes but i will be taking photos of everything.. including J's birthday cake.. I'm making an Elmo one for him!! Should be fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Daddy's little man

Shaving with daddy. I gave him a frosting spatula.

We finally got a day without rain. First thing he went to..his WEE!

What his room looks like AFTER he's played all day!

Much love