Friday, January 6, 2012


For Christmas, J got an Aquadoodle from Santa. I have to's a BIG hit in our home! I have bought him a few coloring books and crayon sets, but he get bored quite quick and abandons ship within 15 minutes. It's either that or he colors on something he is not suppose to and gets the crayons taken away. But with the Aquadoodle, it's just water and his mat.

I think it's a brilliant idea! He sits at his own little table, I give him the pen and the brush, some water and he's content for at least an hour, or until there is no more water and or space to color.

Large space to color
 The only thing I'm not so keen on it that it ONLY colors blue. But it's ok. J still has a blast playing with it.

The Aquadoodle comes with the mat, two different thicknesses of pens, some stencils and a 'brush' and water container.

J's favorite thing to do it paint is whole hand in water then stamps it! It's seriously cute to watch him do it.

C and I were thinking we would get him the travel sized one for his birthday. He loves it so much, but to pack it up and take it out is just not feasible.

If you are looking for a mess less way to color, I highly suggest the Aquadoodle. It's fun for kids and even adults lol

Much love

Please note that this was a review that was conducted with products that I purchased myself.