Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Year, A New Me Going Green - Update!

Here is an update of the companies who have signed up to be apart of the blog event! Some awesome reviews and some super awesome giveaways!

Blossom Pads (Mama Cloth) + there will be a giveaway as well.
MomsCrafts4U (Mama Cloth)
Homestead Emporium (Mama Cloth)
Randumosity (Mama Cloth)
Lunapads (Mama Cloth) + a giveaway
Cuppow - This one I am so so excited about.
Green Bumkins (Cloth Snack Bags)
Sling Sisters Wet Bag
Natures Natural Solutions (Lotion & Lip Balm) + a giveaway
Rockin' Green + a giveaway

I'm still looking for a unpaper towel review, I might just bite the bullet and purchase some. But first we have to get our car looked at! Don't forget about the extra entries opportunities.

Much love