Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Second year...

Today marks two years of wedded bliss for C and I. Yay!!

That also means we have been together for 7 years... wow... pretty soon it will be ten years...again..WOW

We celebrated by going out to dinner. We spent the day with J and then my in laws watched him for a few hours so we could enjoy a dinner together.

We decided to go to White Spot - but once we were seated I thought it was too open and loud and not really romantic; so we left and headed to the Keg.

I really didn't want to spend a whole lot but in the end we did and it was SO worth it!!

We started off with a glass of wine and a couple of appetizers. Scallops and bacon and Mushroom Neptune. D LISH!!
Then for our main course I had the Blue Cheese Fillet with mashed taters and veggies and C had a "surf and turf" type steak. Again DELICIOUS!! Now I cannot go to The Keg and NOT get dessert so, I got a piece of Billy Miner Pie and C got a brownie.. ahh I was in heaven but by the end of that I was so full I felt sick...

We were going to go and see a movie but the amount of food we both ate did us in. We called it a night at 7:30 and went to pick up J.

I had a lovely evening with C. It's always nice to go out for a fancy dinner every now and then.

Next to celebrate is little J's SECOND birthday... this should be fun.

Much love