Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lack of technology

Our laptop is dead to the world! I haven't been on an actual computer since Wednesday and I feel terrible that I haven't done an update. We are working on purchasing a new computer... but of course we are having issues with what is really needed!

Baby Graham is still in utero - I will update you all on that matter when the time comes. Like I said last week, I have a NST and AFI booked for this Wednesday. I really hoping that he will come tomorrow - as it is a full moon. But it's looking like he will be a November baby...

I also have abunch of pictures to post but again since I am not at my own computer it's difficult to watermark them etc etc.

So until we get a new computer, the blog will be put on hold. Hopefully when I get back I can share photos of baby Graham and get some awesome reviews and giveaways up. If you are a follower on Facebook, I will keep you all updated there - PLUS, if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you can always look for updates there as well.

Thank you for understanding... the lack of technology makes for a grumpy mummy... sad I know, but I love blogging and just writing so not being able to do that is kinda driving me nuts!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Much love

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another not so Wordless Wednesday - Week 40

I don't think I've done a true 'Wordless Wednesday' in about 9 months! The reason - I've been hitting my pregnancy milestones EVERY Wednesday for the last NINE MONTHS! Today marks 'the day' my guess date.

Today I am 40 weeks pregnant... and still Baby Graham is all cozied up in my uterus, not wanting to come out.

While all my other friends and blogging mamas are having their precious little ones (And believe me - there is A LOT of them) here I am, patiently waiting. sorta.

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and no sweep was done as well as no cervical check. I didn't want to know how dilated I was (and no one asked and neither did I) I don't want to be told that I am 3cm and could stay there for another 2 weeks. What we did talk about about scheduling my NST and AFI for next Wednesday. Now I have never had the need for a NST or AFI as James came early - so I'm a little scared. But I guess they are pretty normal. So next Wednesday at - dare I say it...41 weeks my scan and NST is all booked. Yay for having to go to a darn Hospital.

My blood pressure is still fantastic, and Graham had a heart rate of 150BMP. I went from measuring 39.5cm to 39 - so a loss of .5 cm. I asked if that was ok and the midwife told me that it's a good sign that he is moving into position. When she checked to see where if head was (external) she said he was nice and low and in a great position. Again, all the false labor I've been having is good, but I want to to turn to ACTUAL labor. Please and thank you!!

I've gained another 3 lbs - yes 3 fricken pounds!! UGH! I'm hoping it's water... and not Graham becoming a chunk - even though I don't mind if he's big.

I've been super emotional, and tired - yet I get small bursts of energy to clean and whatnot. What's been bothering me the most this last week is everyone and I mean EVERYONE calling to see if he has arrived... I mean c'mon people... once he is here you WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!! I've stopped answering phone calls unless it's my Mum or Mother in Law. I just don't want to talk to people. Sorry Nana!!

So that about sums it up. I actually hit the 40 week mark and while I'm SO DONE I knew that today was just a guess date and that I could potentially go another 2 weeks... I'm just hoping Graham decides to come sooner than that!

Week 40 - 178 lbs and very very ready!! 

Much love

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Monday, October 22, 2012

C'mon Baby Graham!

Quick update: I've been working on reviews and giveaways for the Welcoming Graham event - SLOWLY! Most of them I need him to be here... so it's taking some time... Anyways, just a little update for you all...

He is STILL not here. I'm getting so tired of people calling and asking "Have you had the baby yet? - Is Graham here?" UGH! I will let everyone know when he arrives!

Chris and I never thought I would go a full 40 weeks, while I know that it is SO SO SO possible to go past my date, I just never thought I would. THAT being said - last night I thought that was it! I got so excited!

We were at dinner with Chris' parents and I started to feel odd. My lower back began to ache and I could feel small contractions begin. The backache picked up as did the contractions but I kept it to myself as I didn't want to jinx myself. We got home and put James to bed - Chris and I stayed up to watch a movie and again, the contractions were there are were gaining in intensity. Around 10:00 we went to bed.

I was still having contractions but fell asleep around 10:45ish. At 12:15 I woke up to a HUGE painful contraction. I was laying in bed waiting for the next one to come. It did, but again, I feel asleep. Around 2:30 I was woken up by another very painful contraction... I got up to pee and went back to bed. Only this time I couldn't go back to sleep. The contractions were so painful, I had the breath through them... I now remember what it was like with James. I was starting to get very excited when they didn't die down. They were probably coming every 7 - 10 minutes, lasting about a minute so I thought:


Chris' alarm went off around 4:30 and I said to him I don't think he should go in today, but then I took it back. I told him that I thought today was the day... but I wasn't 100% sure so he went in anyways. He could come home at anytime. I said I would call my midwife if/when things picked up.

James came to sleep with me and I had a few more contractions... and then fell asleep. I woke up to NOTHING... AGAIN!! 

I'm just so frustrated and tired. I have an appointment tomorrow with my midwife so I will be requesting a membrane sweep to see if that gets things kick started. Although I am hoping things happen tonight... but again. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Ok, so that wasn't the shortest update but that's where things stand. Still waiting........

Much love
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

He made me cry - My emotional morning.

Today Chris and I thought we would take James to the Pumpkin Patch - but Chris is a little leery about taking me anywhere... he's afraid we are going to have to race back home cause Graham wants to come out... so we opted out of the Pumpkin Patch which was ok with me as I've been having a lot of pelvic pressure today...and instead we took Jimbo to his Roaming Rascals.

We all got ready and were getting our shoes on - I asked James if it was ok if I came with him and Daddy "NO MUMMY! Jimmy and DADDY!" he yelled. He usually does this on Saturday's as Chris is the one to take him so I can have a little break and they get to spend some time together. So this was nothing new.

"Oh, Ok. I'll stay home" I said and then Chris spoke "No, James. Mummy is going to come too! We can all go"


I froze at the top of the stairs. My heart sank and I felt numb. Never EVER has James said anything like that. I know I may of overrated, or that my hormones got the best of me, but to even hear your son say those words, hurt so so much.

I said calmly. "Ok, Mummy will stay." and I proceeded to put my bag down, take my shoes off and then I started to cry. Chris was just as shocked as I was. He spoke to James with a stern voice and explained that you do not say that. Especially to Mummy.

Now I do not know where James learned to put those words together. Chris and I don't say we hate each other EVER!! (I mean we really don't) and I know that maybe he doesn't understand it, but for him to put those words into a sentence and USE it - WOW!

After Chris spoke to James, he came upstairs, and saw that I was upset. Chris asked James to apologise and he did "Sorry Mummy. I wuv you"

He gave me a big hug and a kiss and I told him that I loved him too.

Not wanting to punish him for something that he possibly didn't understand we all headed off to Roaming Rascals. He played with the other children, and then we came home for some lunch and our nap.

It's funny how once you become a parent, little words like that cut you very deep. I cannot tell you how terrible I now feel for all the times I told my mother I hated her.

Much love

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jimbo - 33 months

Today my little boy is 33 months old... that means in 3 short months he will be three... 3!! Where has the time gone? Really??

I thought I would do a '33 facts about James at 33 months'  - Chris would say "Stop saying he's x amount months old - he's 2.5 going on 3 for crying out loud!" That's a pet peeve of Chris' hehe.

So here we go:
  1. James comes to sleep with me every morning AFTER Chris goes to work
  2. He will sit on the carpet to 'toot' Always in the same spot
  3. His favorite breakfast is 'Torn Pops & Apples' (Corn Pops)
  4. He loves taking bathes
  5. He STILL is not potty trained - and really has no interest in it...yet
  6. He LOVES Toopy and Binoo and My Big Big Friend
  7. He loves Treehouse... he could watch it all day long
  8. He loves to sleep in his car bed - except at nap time
  9. He is a juice fiend (I haven't had the heart to tell him it's mostly water)
  10. He still has troubles saying certain letters while speaking 
  11. He does know all the letters of the Alphabet and their sounds
  12. James has 5 GREAT Grandmas and 1 GREAT Grandpa
  13. He loves his Nana's iPad
  14. He had his first taste of squid and loved it
  15. James really enjoys pickled beets, mushrooms and lettuce
  16. He loves to read me books and be read to
  17. James would rather wear no pants BUT if he has to they must be sweatpants
  18. James hates jeans
  19. He loves his loafers
  20. He tells Chris and I at least 1000 times a day that he loves us
  21. He always asked "Mummy/Daddy what doing?" 1000 a day - even while getting a diaper change
  22. His favorite dinner is pasta - any kind
  23. He loves yogurt
  24. If he is a good boy while shopping he gets a new hot wheels car - even though he has enough
  25. He goes to bed every night with his teddy and Zabba
  26. He loves going to Roaming Rascals 
  27. Puddles are no match for James
  28. He does NOT like getting a haircut
  29. He is a little photographer in the making
  30. He loves giving hugs and high fives
  31. His best friend is "Utas" (Lucas) our next door neighbour
  32. He is Mummy's helper in the kitchen
  33. He always says Peas and Tutu (Please and thank you) and when you say thank you he says "Your Wetcome" hehe 

James is the best little boy ever... yes I know this is the most bias statement ever - but my child is the best. I love him so much and he brings so much joy to my life.

Happy 33 months little man!!

I say silly face and this is what I get! 

Much love
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 39

I am 39 weeks pregnant today. I never EVER thought I would see this time. But yet, here I am. I am ok with it. I think.

Yesterday I had a total meltdown. I am just so done and don't really know how to feel at this point. I know that EVERY pregnancy is different so I shouldn't of thought since James was born early that Graham would be early as well, but I did... oh yes I did.

I had a Midwife appointment today and everything looks good. My blood pressure is still perfect, Baby Grahams heart rate was 152 bmp and is in a 'beautiful birth position'  - well that is what my Midwife said anyways.

As of today I have gained 20 lbs this pregnancy. That's 30 pounds LESS than James. *I gained 50 lbs with him* I am measuring 39.5 - which again is right on track. I've had more and more painful contractions, and even had a couple of nights where I thought I should call, but of course I got tired, fell asleep and when I woke up they were gone. My Midwife said she gives me less than 10 days - but again it's all up to Graham.

Everything is ready for our home birth - my kit is all ready to go in our room, I have some meals made, Graham's diapers are all washed and ready for his little tiny bottom - again, we are just waiting... waiting for him!! I've had a lot more pressure in my nether regions. Like today is horrible. I can't get out of bed quickly anymore - and to walk for more than 15 minutes at a time is terrible. I'm swollen (yes down there) and even having hot baths don't help with the pain.

So, I will say it again - I AM SO DONE! So, here I am, 7 days before my guess date - wanting so badly to be done and to have my baby in my arms.

A very wise mum said to me today - "You will not be pregnant forever. He will come out" - So that has been my mantra today: "I will not be pregnant forever. I will not be pregnant forever. I trust my body, and my baby knows when to be born."

Graham - we shall meet sooner than later.

Much love
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Wordless Wednesday...sort of.

Chris and I have a BIG problem with the amount of James' toys. While, I want him to be able to play with different ones, there comes a time where enough is enough.

After we moved, A LOT of his toys never made it out of their box. We decided to keep most of them in a box in his closet. There was just too much... Well... the sneaky little boy found the box and has started to pull them out.

We, I mean I bought him a Circus Tent thing from Ikea and we have been storing toys in there after he goes to bed. But again, there is so much that we needed something more. I have been looking for one of those toy bin storage thingies... you know what I'm talking about right?? Well, I didn't want to spend a pretty penny on it, but knew we needed to do something... So today while I was out looking for James' Halloween costume (and trying to induce labor) I found this!

This bad boy has 8 small bins and 4 large ones! I found it on sale for $40.00!! Chris and I put a lot of his other toys away and just have out the ones that we know he plays with on a regular basis... and there is still room!!

I am so so so happy with this purchase. Now, it's time to teach him to put his toys away.... Wish us luck!

P.s. Midwife appointment/ 39 week update to follow.

Much love
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Greenmunch - Eco-friendly & sustainable products for everyday living {Review}

I recently found a company who specialized in greener, earth friendly products. They have a TON of different products - from super awesome paper straws, to stainless steel lunch boxes and they even have a natural skin line!

Introducing Greenmunch! is an Online Eco Store specializing in earth friendly, green, and sustainable products. We offer retail products on, however we are also distributors of many of the products to wholesale customers including retailers and the food service industry.
Eco Friendly products do not have to be overpriced and boring.  We have found unique and high quality products that are practical and fun at the same time.  Our line of food service items including biodegradable wooden cutlery, palm leaf plates, and paper straws are great for the earth and also provide elegance and style to your meal that plastic and Styrofoam could never do.  We look for innovative products and are introducing some products to Canadians for the first time.
We are a family run business and are based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.  
Businesses that would be interested in our wholesale product line include the following:
  • small - medium retail stores
  • online stores
  • grocery stores
  • food service industry; caterers, special event planners,
  • promotional use, loyalty programs


We strongly believe in supporting local sustainable agriculture and food products. We hope that our product line not only promotes the use of local food, but also supports local companies creating innovative products.
Our priority is to carry North American made products. In some cases we are not able to do this and we then work with North American based companies who manufacture overseas.
We admire the entrepreneurial spirit and many of the brands we carry have been started by young entrepreneurs with only an idea and the passion to create something new.

I just had to contact Greenmuch to see if I could review their straws. I have a thing - for straws as does James. They agreed and I was thrilled! I then found out that I had also won a giveaway I had entered for a Stainless Steel Lunch box and a Lunchskins snack bag! Woo!

The review:

I was sent four different packages of straws to test out as well as my winnings - A Lunchskins sandwich bag and a LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel container.

 I was sent 3 different sizes as well. A little tid bit about Greenmunch straws:
  • The straws are made of paper so they will biodegrade even in a backyard compost.
  • They are perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, backyard bbq or any special event.
  • Try a pack of these party straws for your next party.

The top left (Green) are the Jumbo straws. These are GREAT for milkshakes and smoothies. I cannot stand drinking smoothies without a straw. These are just perfect for that.

The deets: 

Greenmunch Jumbo Paper Straws: Jasmine Green Stripes

Length: 7.75", 297mm
Width: 0.314", 8mm

This straw is designed specifically for your thick milkshake, smoothie, or slush! This extra thick paper straw is 2mm wider than our standard 6mm straw.

I then tested out the Turquoise and Christmas straws - I'm trying really hard NOT to use my Christmas colored ones since Christmas is coming up I wanted to save them for that!! I'm crazy! The Turquoise ones are by far my favorite. I've been decorating my house with Turquoise and these fit in my kitchen PERFECTLY! Those straws sit on my table in a clear glass - I like to show them off. They make a pretty centerpiece.

Such vibrant colors! 

These straws are great just for everyday drinks. I've been drinking water NON stop and I love drinking from these straws. They don't breakdown fast - which is great cause you can reuse it again and again (I mean within the same day) and then compost them. I recycle mine. But then again I recycle anything I can. 

The last set of straws I tested out were the Red Striped cocktail straws. Now these are Jimmy's straws. They are smaller than the standard 7.75" straws. They are 5" in length and are perfect for Jimbo's cups. Again, this kid loves to drink from straws so every time he asks for something to drink he asked for his "Staws!" 

A very happy boy with his 'staws"

My overall thoughts on the Greenmunch paper straws - LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! They are great to have in the house for parties, or even just for everyday use. I have put some away for our upcoming homebirth.  They are also a great price - be sure to check out their website for pricing - as well as their HUGE selection of colors and prints! There is something there for you.

I also received a couple other goodies from a Giveaway win. I was very excited to have won it as it is PERFECT for James. He even says they are his.

Love the print! 
I won this lunchskins sandwich bag in the Sharks print. Now I have quite a few cloth snack bags - but do not own one of these bad boys. They are made completely different from the ones I own.

First off - they are dishwasher safe! That is awesome as I can get it clean clean - like disinfected clean. It doesn't feel like my other snack bags either. It`s almost like it`s rubberized... if that makes sense.

The deets: 

This eco friendly alternative for litterless lunch packaging is sure to make regular plastic sandwich bags green with envy. The skins are designed to be durable, reusable, and dishwasher-safe. For small lunchkits these bags take up a fraction of the space of a hard plastic food container.
  • certified food-safe fabric
  • hand sewn in the USA
  • dishwasher-safe
  • quick-drying, lightweight cotton fabric
  • replaces hundreds of plastic baggies
  • lead-free, bpa-free and phthalate-free
  • 6.5 x 6.5 inches with fold over flap and snug hook & loop closure
This is a great snack/sandwich bag. I can pack Jimbo's PB & J up and know that it's not going to get everywhere in the diaper bag!

I also won a LunchBots Trio container. This was one item that I have been looking at purchasing for James. It's great for when we go out and about!

Here is just a sample of what we have put in this - Usually when we go out I like to pack a snack for him and for myself. Fishy crackers are something we both love - as well as the sesame snack and cheese. I have also put in grapes and apples and a few chocolate treats! I just love how there are different compartments and love that it's stainless steel. I don't worry about plastic and whatnot.

The lid seals very well, although you don't want to put liquid-sih items in it. It washes well and is compact enough to fit into the diaper bag without taking up a bunch of room.

LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel Food Container - All Stainless

LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel Food Containers feature three compartments for balanced snacks: grapes, cheese and crackers; sushi, edamame and carrots; pasta, chicken and cherry tomatoes—the combinations are endless! Whatever you pack, LunchBots make meals more appetizing, helping ensure your food containers return home empty.

Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 1.75"

Capacity: 20 fl. oz./600 ml
Weight: 9.4 oz.
Material: Highest quality 18/8 stainless steel
How to clean: To clean your Trio, simply handwash the lid and place the base in the dishwasher. Won't stain or rust.
  • Modern shape and three compartments hold a balanced lunch
  • Only food grade stainless steel comes into contact with your food. No linings. No toxins.
  • Made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, easy-to-clean, virtually unbreakable, resists stains and rust, and lasts forever.
  • Refill your LunchBots over and over, save money and add zero waste to landfills.
  • Trio food containers are best for dry foods as lids are not water tight

So my final thoughts: 

Greenmunch is your one stop shop for all your sustainable, greener living needs. They have such a great variety of items/products and I just love supporting Canadian businesses. They ship fast and stand by their products. I would definitely check them out - there is something there for everyone. Whether you are planning a party or just like to use eco friendly products. Their selection is great!

Thank you Greenmunch for letting me review your items. We LOVE them!  

Be sure to check them out on Facebook too!!

Much love
Please note that I was sent the above mentioned product(s) for review purposes only. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from others. Some items were won in a giveaway - fair and square. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. No monetary compensation was exchanged.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Hobby and my Friday night

I want to learn how to Crochet - so I went to our local Wal Mart and picked up some tools... I got some hooks, and a yarn needle - and some yarn. I got cotton, and I THINK I should have got acrylic but oh well.

I have the chain down I think.. sometimes it get's loopy, but I WILL get it. I have looked on YouTube on how to actually do a stitch but my goodness - it's a lot harder than I thought it would be!

So tonight, I am going to devote some time to learn - and really focus on it!

Wish me luck!

Happy Friday!

Much love
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

38 weeks and STILL PREGNANT!

Ok, I hate to complain, but I'm going to! I WANT THIS BABY OUT! 

I can't sleep, he's wide awake at night - and dead asleep during the day. I have to pee every 15 minutes... I'm drinking my weight in water as I am SO thirsty... not to mention that my almost 3 year old is starved for attention and I feel awful about it cause I'm so damn tired and sore to do much.

I can't go for walks during the day cause the pressure in my lady bits is too much to handle. I've tried everything I did with James to go into labor and nada. Hot baths, sex, stairs, etc etc... I do not want to take anything to try to induce labor like Castor oil, and what not. I can and will be patient, but I'm allowed to say I am DONE!

I had a midwife appointment today and everything is still great. I'm measuring 39, heart rate is great - my blood pressure is great. He is still head down - and really down. I was telling Lisa (one of my midwives) that I feel like there is a hot poker poking me in the vagina and she said that's a good sign - because last week at our ultrasound my cervix was long and closed - so by feeling that, she said that it could me I'm starting to dilate  She didn't check me, cause I could be 3 cm and stay there till 42 weeks!! So there was no need to get my hopes up.

I've had more painful contractions, but of course once I go to bed - I wake up 3 hours later and they are gone/have stopped etc. So again, I'm getting my hopes up.

I know he will come when he is ready... and I know he WILL COME OUT! Sooner than later I will get to meet my baby.

Ok, that's my rant/complain post... Graham - you have 14 days to vacate!! I MEAN IT!!

38 weeks - 14 days to go! 

There was ONE really great thing that has happened thus far this week! I found out that I won the Grand Prize Giveaway over at Formula Mom!! What did I win?? - a WHOLE stash of GlowBug diapers! Yup! New fluff!! Yippee!! I did a review on Glow Bug diapers a while back! Check it out here! Very excited about that win. Ok.. that's about it. Let's hope i have more to report soon...

Much love
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Wordless Wednesday

Chris and I - Thanksgiving Sunday dinner. Oh... PS - 38 weeks TODAY!!

I'll do a post soon

Much love

Don't forget - if you like me - and the blog - please vote! Thanks! 
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - and a little flash back

I had big hopes of taking a bunch of photos yesterday, but of course you get to visiting, and talking etc and I didn't get much. Plus the ones that I did get - were terrible. I need to learn how to use my camera on the manual mode!

Dinner was great - and I stuffed my face!

Here are a few photos from last night.

Jimbo's Uncle Bob got him a new toy! HE IS IN LOVE! This thing is amazing. It flips and goes off road, it's crazy neat.

Our sky from Sunday night

Another amazing Thanksgiving, spent with family and friends. Jimmy and I after his bath and dessert went to bed - I was exhausted and he was sleeping in his big boy bed at Nana and Papa's for the first time. My little baby boy is growing up so fast! 

Until next year! I am so very thankful for all my family, my husband and my children!

Here is James at 10 months! Thanksgiving 2010 - spent with his Baba and Guido!

Much love


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