Sunday, December 23, 2012

#achdecember - Tradition Day 22

We decided it was time to get the boys picture taken with Santa. Jimbo has gone every year - we were cutting it close this year. Usually Chris took James as I HATE standing in line ups for stuff like this - but this year was different as we have both boys and Graham doesn't like to be away from me at all!

We got to the mall around 10:15 ish - FIRST OFF - Get there early. There was already a long line up. Graham was cozy in the K'Tan and Jimbo was in the stroller, playing on Chris' phone. James was very excited to see Santa Tause - he wanted to tell him he wanted 5 toys. Yes FIVE!

We were told we would be waiting at least an hour to see him - UGH! But again it was ok. Graham was sleeping soundly and James was content playing. I grabbed a tea and settled in.

About 45 minutes in Graham woke up and needed to be nursed. There were NO benches open for me to sit down - so I went up to Motherhood Maternity to sit in there. I knew they had a change room with a nice cozy bench. Then Chris took Graham to get changed while I stayed with James. He got back just in time too... It was FINALLY our turn to see Santa. James went running up to him saying "HI SANTA!" but as soon as he saw the camera in front of him - shit hit the holiday fan!

James freaked right out. Instantly crying and went running in the other direction. Graham started crying... OH MY LORD!

Santa said he could sneak up behind us so he was still in the picture, but James couldn't see him. Easy right? NOPE! Chris and I both sat down thinking the boys would be more calm since it was us - yeah nope again James wanted NOTHING to do with this...

As you can see - our first real FAMILY photo is one to be displayed throughout the year! Needless to say Chris and I paid for the photos and got the hell out of there - let's hope next years photo will be just as good!

Merry Christmas!!
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