Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mum Confessions

Thanks to Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer and Growing Up Geeky, I thought I would link up my Mum Confessions!
 My goodness I didn't think I had a lot to confess, BUT I do! Here they are:
  • I have not fully cleaned my house in a month. While it's tidied, it still could use some work
  • We have been using disposable diapers on Graham. I hate it, but I hate doing diaper laundry every day because he pees SO MUCH!
  • I am going to opt out of showering today just so I can have a bath and relax with a glass of wine once Chris gets home. Oh yes, this is my plan
  • James has watched way to much TV in the last few days because Graham is sick and I don't know what else to do with him.
  • I had 3 cookies for Breakfast yesterday
  • Chris and I have only bought Graham two hats for Christmas. We don't plan on getting him anything else... I mean c'mon he's not even two months old!
  • I have been in PJ's since Saturday (Clean ones mind you, but still)
  • I peeked at my Christmas gift from my Mum, and plan on using it BEFORE Christmas.
  • I purchased ANOTHER baby carrier. Yes, this makes FOUR! Baby K'Tan is on it's way to me.
  • I let James watch Toopy and Binoo even though Chris said "No MORE"
  • I am secretly hoping that it rains for the next 3 weeks just so I can stay inside.
  • I have been married for almost 3 years (Jan 2) and still have not changed my last name. Maybe this year will be the year I do??
So there you have it. My confessions... is there anything you would like to share?? SPILL IT!
Much love
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  1. It sounds like we're in the same boat! My daughter has been watching a lot of tv lately, because I've been tied up with her baby sister and it's just way easier than trying to juggle both of them sometimes! We also haven't bought our baby anything for Christmas (we're planning to wrap some of her baby gifts from other people so our 2-year-old doesn't think she's the only one who gets presents!).

  2. There is nothing wrong with cookies for breakfast! I had 2 brownies for mine this morning ;)

  3. My confessions
    We only part-time cloth diaper.
    My dishes haven't been caught up since Tuesday
    I got puked on 5 times (by 2 of my 3 kids) yesterday and didn't shower until this morning when I was puked on again
    My kids have been watching tv approx. 5 hrs a day for the past 3 (going on 4) days.

    Question: Why haven't you taken your husband's name? Not trying to sound judgemental because I don't think it's a 'have-to' issue but it sounds like you want to and haven't? Like you haven't legally taken it or you just haven't switched it on your cards and stuff


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