Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sabatasso's Gluten FREE Oven Pizza {Review}

If your family is anything like mine - you probably don't like cooking every night of the week (if you do - that's awesome too!)

I love to cook for my family, but come Friday night, Chris knows that we are either going to WhiteSpot for dinner, or we are ordering in pizza!!

We all love pizza in our house. Cheese, pepperoni and even chicken and artichoke. We have done homemade, pre made and we order from our favorite place too.

So when I was given the opportunity to try a new Gluten Free pizza from Sabatasso's I jumped on board!

Ok, I will admit, I was waiting patiently for a coupon to arrive in my mail to go and purchase a pizza. So when I received a call from VersaCold asking me to come by and pick up my package, saying I was surprised would have been an understatement.

Chris and I went to pick up what I thought was a single box of pizza. My goodness - I was so wrong! Chris walked out with a case of it! They generously sent me enough pizza to last almost 2.5 months worth of Friday Family Pizza nights.

That night we chowed down on our first ever Gluten Free Sabatasso's Cheese Pizza.

Now, we are not a Gluten Free family, but I thought it would be neat to maybe incorporate some Gluten Free foods into our lives. Starting with Sabatasso's Cheese Pizza.

What Chris and I were worried about was that it may have a different taste. It's not made with traditional flour etc. I think I was more worried about James not liking it and then being turned off of pizza. While it was cooking in the oven, it did smell different than other pizza we have tried, but I think it has to do with the blend of cheese used.

Mozzarella, Parmesan, Fontina and Asiago make up the cheese blend. It's an amazing blend of cheeses if I do say so myself.

I cooked the pizza as per the directions on the box and it came out SUPER crispy and made my house smell awesome.

The crust is a thin crust, which is something we usually don't order. I prefer thin crust but James and Chris like the traditional crust, so we do traditional all the time. Graham is impartial to crust at his age. I mean the kid eats anything put in front of him.

We all sat down, and all took big bites!

I was absolutely blown away at how good it was. SERIOUSLY! It didn't taste any different than the pizza we had the week before. The crust was crispy, light tastey. The sauce was flavorful and the toppings were hot and bubbly.

James looked at us and said "Mummy! It's delicious!" So this pizza is kid approved!

I asked Chris his thoughts and he agreed with me. He enjoyed it as much as we all did. This is coming from someone who loves Pizza Hut pizza and will order it any chance he can get!

We both agreed we loved the thin crust. It came out crispy and crunchy. Loads of flavor in the sauce and the cheese blend is perfect. There isn't too much cheese on it. Just enough to tickle the taste buds.

Graham even had some - and from the look on his face every time I would give him some bites - I think he really liked it too.

Overall, we are so excited to have found a new pizza to enjoy on our family pizza night! We all enjoyed Sabatasso's Gluten Free pizza - a lot. I think this will be an item that we will keep in our deep freeze. Even if it's not Friday!!

If you are in Canada, you are in luck!

Sabatasso's Gluten Free pizza is available at your local Costco store. If you shop there, I highly recommend giving this pizza a shot. From the thin crust to the awesome blend of cheeses to the Gluten Free factor - it's just so good. I don't really know how else to say it "GO BUY IT!"

So tell me... what does your family do for 'Family Pizza Night?' Do you do pizza? something else?? I want to know.

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