Friday, May 24, 2013


Chris and I allow TV in the house. I would say we watch quite a bit - but that's us, and it doesn't interfere with day to day activities and doesn't deter the boys to be outside.

James LOVES his Netflix. We have it on the computer and streaming through the TV. The kid can navigate through it like an old pro and Chris and I are ok with that. He watches his shows when allowed and all is well.

Recently we noticed he was watching Transformers: Rescue Bots. Now please note that if he starts watching a show not suitable for his age or we feel its not appropriate we turn it off. Anyways, I watched an episode with him and thought it was ok to watch. I feel it's more geared towards younger children. There is very little violence if any, and the story lines are gentle - if that makes sense. he's watched the whole series and is now OBSESSED with Transformers.

He knows the opening song, all their names and likes to pretend he himself is a Transformer. It's so cute!

When we play outside - he becomes a Transformer. He gets down on all fours and crawls around and then 'transforms' in Jimmy. Or 'Boulder', his alter ego. It's so amazing to see his imagination at work.

He's been lugging around a wooden Bulldozer that Nana got him and even though its not an actual Transformer, he thinks it is and is constantly saying...

"Boulder - transform! Autobots...RROLLLL OUT!"  
He sleeps with it, wakes up with it and would take it into the bath with him if we allowed it! If he misplaces it, he's on the hunt till he finds it.
I foresee a Transformers theme birthday in the future.
Oh how I love little boys!! 

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