Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Night One

This morning after Chris left for work, Graham and I were lying in bed giggling and blowing tummy farts as we call them. I heard the tell tale sounds that Jimbo was also up.

*Squeak* Went the mattress - *Pitter Patter* of little boy feet. The door handle turned and out came running my bright eyed three year old. He jumped into bed and said "Good morning Baby Dam. Hi Mum!"

Now usually I ask him to go and get some undies so I can change him out of his Pull Up. He went to slide out of bed when  I realized he was still in underwear. UGH! Chris forgot to change him. I was thinking to myself - "Well shit. Now his mattress is going to be smelly, his sheets are all wet I bet and the blanket I just washed yesterday is going to need to be re washed again!" I mean I wasn't mad at him - at all! I just hate laundry!

So I checked him and to my surprise he was DRY!! Yes, DRY!

James slide out of bed and hightailed it to the bathroom. I heard him get his stool - and then a flush and a "Mum! I did it! I need soap!"

My little man did it. He went all night with no accidents! I was so proud of him - and also thankful that there was no laundry that needed to be done today.

Chris and I decided to try it out again tonight. No Pull Up, just some underwear. I'm hoping he can doing it again, but if not that's ok. I mean what's washing a couple pieces of bedding right?

Has your little ones done anything to surprise you so far this week??

Do tell!

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