Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Led Solids

When James was 5.5 months old, he got his first taste of food. I wanted to say 'real' food, but Rice Cereal isn't that fabulous!

We were on holidays - it was Canada Day long weekend. We decided to give him rice cereal and to my surprise he loved it. From that day on, James loved his food. Till he hit the 'threenager' age.

We decided for Graham we would wait a full 6 months, and rather than starting with rice cereal, we would try Baby Led Solids. Chris wasn't to sure about this method, but I assured him everything would be fine. (Chris wasn't the only one who thought I was crazy)

Now, Graham had tasted apple sauce prior to hitting 6 months, but it was on my finger and he licked it. I knew he was ready at 5.5 months, but again we waited. His first food was my Grandma's (his Baba's) canned Okanagan Peaches. These are a favorite of J as well...

He squished them, mashed them up, and got very little into his mouth. But he enjoyed it. We let him eat them for about 4 days, just once a day and he had no issues. We then tried carrots and he gaged and choked on one. I got scared and stopped the solids and tried some purees.

We got through about two weeks of purees and he was doing well. Then one day he refused to eat them. I decided to try giving him some Avocado - and he gobbled it up.

We then ditched the purees and continued on with the Baby Led Solids. He's doing really well. He loves his fruit, but definitely loves his veggies as well. Peas are a big hit with him. He also really loves sweet potato and beans.

 Graham's Food List:
  • Peaches
  • Avocado
  • Sweet Potato/Reg. Potato
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Apples
  • Yogurt
  • Toast
I have a Spaghetti Squash I am going to cook up and let him try that. As well as pumpkin. We will introduce Blueberries as well (no strawberries yet) and maybe some meat. He seems to really love food.

We are up to 3 SMALL meals a day. If he doesn't have food in front of him while we are all at the table he screams! So usually at breakfast he will have a small sliver of toast or a piece of fruit. Lunch is usually a small bit of veggies and/or fruit and dinner is veggies. He still nurses NON STOP, so I'm not to worried about him eating too much. I'm not feeding him and if I remember correctly, James was eating WAY more by this age... Breast milk is still his primary source of food.

All in all we are very happy with his progress. He really loves food, and I think he is a natural Baby Led Solid feeder-er....

I will continue doing updates on Graham's BLW. I'm excited to start making more of a complete meal for him in the coming months!

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