Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

We had GORGEOUS weather this weekend here in Vancouver. To be honest, it's been like Summer here and I love it! The boys and I have been spending a lot of time outside in our massive backyard.

Ahh, it's so nice to have sunny, warm weather!

We didn't get up to much this weekend. Spent a lot of out time at home, outside.

Friday, I had my sister and her boyfriend come over for our Friday night pizza, and Chris surprised me by being home early from his side job. I was hoping that Graham would go down easy that night. He's cutting a top tooth and on Thursday it took Chris and I FOUR hours to get him to fall asleep. He was inconsolable. Even while nursing he would unlatch and scream. I finally broke down and gave him a dose of Tylenol. He pretty much cried himself to sleep while Chris was holding and rocking him. I tried so hard to nurse him to sleep but he just wasn't having it. My heart broke. Luckily, Friday night was a lot easier. He went down and slept in his pack n play for about 3 hours - Chris went in and calmed him down again. Another 2 hours of sleep by himself and then I went to bed and took him with me.

On Saturday I cleaned house! Chris took the boys to Roaming Rascals and I power cleaned. I also pumped 3 ounces!! The Fenugreek is working! Really well!!

We had friends come over for dinner, and of course Graham was cranky from his teeth. It was a long night - enough said!

Today everyone was up at the butt crack of dawn! I made breakfast and caught up on some blog reading. I also scored 7 Bum Genius 4.0 pocket diapers for 20.00! They are in really good condition, but the Velcro does need to be replaced which is fine as I know how to do that! I am hoping this will solve our nighttime diapering issues. After I picked them up we all headed out for some lunch! We had BBQ and while James didn't touch ANYTHING, Graham liked the French fries. We all came home after that and the boys went for a nap - that lasted all of 2 minutes.

We are at home for dinner tonight - I'm being lazy so we are doing soup and sandwiches... On to another week!

Hope you all had a safe and fun weekend!

Much love

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