Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New and Improved Glow Bug Cloth Diaper {Review}

A little back story:

Back in 2011, I was given the opportunity to review GlowBug Cloth diapers. I had heard some wonderful things about them and was very excited to review them. Let me tell you, I wasn't let down. See here for my first review.

In September of last year Formula Mom was running a huge giveaway on her blog - her Grand Prize was a full stash of GlowBug cloth diapers (which I didn't know till I checked!). Now, I never thought in a MILLION years I would win as there was over 18,000 entries - but I got an email saying I had won. I was so surprised and at first thought - "Oh cool, I won a new diaper! I love these ones" - then I went back to double check what the prize was.

I read Formula Moms Blog but for whatever reason it didn't register in my head that it was a FULL 24 Diapers! I was elated! I was gearing up to donate my older diapers so this was perfect as I knew the GlowBugs can fit a newborn!

I was even more excited when I found out it was the NEW design with all the new prints! They are SO cute!

Anyways, on to the review!

There were some changes to the original GlowBug diaper - changes that make this diaper even better in my opinion!

Firstly - they have added a hip snap! Now to some this isn't a big deal - but for me I hate wing droop. So does Chris come to think about it. So this is a great new feature.
Left is the new GlowBug diaper - on the right is the older style
The fit on Graham is great! Has been since I received my diapers. He is now on the second smallest rise setting (we will be moving up soon enough) and the diaper is fully snapped across the waist. He is very comfortable wearing them. No issues there. We have a LONG time to wear these bad boys. if I am correct James still fit in these at 35+ lbs.

I really like how trim they are for a pocket diaper. Especially since this is a one size diaper. While he does has a fluffy bum it's not as fluffy as some of our other one sized diapers.

They still have the gussets which have saved us MANY times from poop explosions. We have had a few leaks here and there, but Graham is a super soaker, so at nap time I MUST remember to double stuff. That brings me to the next great feature.

The new inserts are slightly smaller than the other ones, which is great for when you are using the diapers on a smaller rise setting. Also, they feature a female snap - so you snap the male snap into it for double stuffing. Keeps everything nice and neat. No bunching or anything!
GlowBug also came out with 24 new prints! 12 Girly Prints and 12 Boy Prints. I obviously decided to take 2 sets of the boys prints. Some of them are super cute. There is even a Pip Wrench print (Handy Man) which is Chris' favorite. Personally I love Surf. I love the color combos. The girl set is SUPER pretty and if Graham was a little girl I would of so taken one of each.

Each set of 12 came in it's own wet bag - It's big enough to fit all 12 diapers and inserts. *Sorry both were in the wash at the time*
We really love our GlowBug cloth diapers and the new features make us love them even more! Be sure to connect with GlowBug Cloth diapers - they always have a great deal or a giveaway!

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  1. That looks comfortable and effective. Plus, they're quite fashionable too.


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