Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Fun

This is sort of like a Wordless Wednesday post, but I'm posting it on Monday and there is type!

I just wanted to say that Chris is BACK TO WORK! WOOHOO! After three weeks of nothing he finally got a call in today! THANK GOD!

This weekend we didn't do a whole lot. Saturday was nice enough to actually go outside. It was cold, but Chris and James had a blast. I even took Graham out in the Ergo for 30 minutes or so. Then he woke up and screamed in my face... short lived!

The boys played with J's new T-Ball set, and rode his Big Wheel! He had so much fun!



Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday - We are Chris is a 49'ers fan - I kind of have to like them - GO NINES. Unfortunately they lost... oh well.. there is always next year. Chris went out with the guys and I stayed at home with the boys - My MIL came over to help out - we went for lunch and had a great day with the boys! Graham slept through lunch and Jimbo was a peach. We got home and James felt hot - like fever hot.. he went for a nap then woke up super hot and cranky. I hate when they get fevers. It doesn't usually happen in our home, but he wasn't feeling good. He barely ate, but thankfully he was thirsty. He slept really well, but did wake up with a fever today. He's doing better and is back to his happy self!

So that's about it. Back to our routine tomorrow without Chris!

At least I get to spend my days with these two happy guys!

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