Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are we really done?

I never thought in a MILLION years we would even consider having more than two children. I know that sounds awful, but Chris and I always said - two - just two. One child per parent. Easy peasy.

Well, now I'm not to sure.

It's crazy I know, but BABY FEVER has already set in - and Graham isn't even 4 month old yet! I have SO many friends - and when I mean so many, I mean - there is like 7 or 8 friends who are expecting this year. Now I'm not saying we are going to be trying anytime soon, as I would be crazy to do that. But we have talked about having maybe ONE more before I am 30 (ps I'll be 26 this year)

After we found out we were expecting Graham, Chis and I said that this is it. Chris would go and get snipped after G's first birthday, but after some soul searching we decided to wait. I feel in my heart that I am not done.

So now we will see what life brings us. I know that we will wait till Graham is AT LEAST 2 years old - and then we will go from there. I want to enjoy my time with my little guy before we add another to our family.

Much love


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