Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why won't you nap?! Oh..right...

I hate complaining - really I do. But sometimes - Mumma needs a little time to herself. Nap time is MY TIME. But the problem is - when you have one little boy who will not nap, this becomes a problem.

James has always been a great 'napper'. At three years old, he still goes down for at least two hours a day. Now sometimes, if we are out and about he won't nap. But by the time bedtime rolls around he's so beat, he falls asleep.. FAST!

Graham on the other hand - is a TERRIBLE napper. I think I have created a NON napper. Since we bedshare, if I am not lying down beside him, he will not nap on his own. If I am lucky (and I mean REALLY lucky) he will nap for maybe 30 minutes in his bouncy seat. Now I do not want to stop with the bedsharing. I love it to much. Graham still doesn't sleep through the night (no biggy. I'm used to it now) - and wakes maybe every 3 hours or so in the night to feed. Sometimes we don't need a change, but needs a top up, so I would like to continue with this - I just need him to NAP!

I'm at a lost. I put him in his pack and play and within minutes he is WIDE awake - I try putting him in his crib - WIDE awake again. I've tried carrying him in his Ergo - but he just screams. I'm so lost...

I need him to nap - by himself. I don't mind taking a nap once in a while with him, but I cannot do this everyday.


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