Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Family Photoshoot! 2013

When James was 6 months old, we met a wonderful woman named Janet! I had met her through a friend - and found out she was a photographer. Well, actually she's more than just a photographer. She does cakes, and draws, and takes really awesome photos... We asked her if she would do our family photo's July of 2010. She really captured some amazing shots of not just James but of Chris and I as well. We have since asked Janet to do our family photos every year since then. I love that I have progression shots of James and now we will start that tradition with Graham as well!

So here we are - February 2013 - and we just had our fourth photo shoot with Janet - as a family of four! We lucked out for this shoot as my parents were in town, and it had not snowed yet. I think she got some great shots! The boys did pretty well - I did have to bribe Jimbo to get some shots but he's three and loves his treats!

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