Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Graham is 3 Months Old!

WOAH! 3 months already??!! I'm not going to say that I don't know where the time went, because I've lived it - Oh who am I kidding - Where has the time gone??

In the past month Graham has hit some milestones - some that we are super excited about, and others that I thought would take some time.

For example:

We have lots and lots of giggles now. He smiles pretty much on command and we are loving the cooing. James imitates Graham when he coo's - it's one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Both boys cooing... priceless

TEETH! Yes - I noticed a few weeks ago that Graham was starting to suck on his fist like a mad man. Then on James' birthday day (the 18th) we had a HORRIBLE day. Graham was the fussiest baby ever. I couldn't put him down, he didn't want to nap. He needed to nurse all day long - come to think of it, it may have been a growth spurt too. So when I stuck my finger in his little mouth to get a feel around I could FEEL two little bumps. I thought there was NO WAY my 12 weeker could have a tooth - let alone TWO teeth. I tried to get a good look and once I did there they were. They haven't completely broken through yet, but I would give them another couple of weeks and we should have two bottom teeth. Time to bring out his Amber!

Rolling over - Since Graham was a 'little' guy let's say around nine days old - the boy could roll himself onto his side no problem. As we started doing tummy time (which he hates by the way) he could roll over front to back, with no issues. So, last week I had him on his play mat looking up. He wasn't really playing with his toys. He was more or less batting ONE certain toy and then cried as he doesn't like lying on his back. I walked away to the kitchen to put my cup away (like 6 feet from him) and when I came back the bugger was on his TUMMY! I don't think he was happy about it, but then he just rolled himself back onto his back. Since we bed share the rail went BACK up. I'm not taking any chances of him falling.

We are going to the Doctor tomorrow for his 3 month check up and we are also going for his first set of 2 month shots. We have decided to do a delayed vax schedule as it is what works for our family. I'm curious to see how much he has gained and how much he has grown.

Weight: Appox. 15 lbs 3 oz - I will get a definite reading on the digi scale
Height: 26.5 inches!!
Head Circumference: oops! forgot to ask!

Graham is believe is outgrowing all his 6 month sleepers - yes - that means we are moving up to nine month ones. They may be a tad too long but I need a wider fit. *We have put away all 6 month sleepers and are using 9/12 month sleepers as well as clothing* I mean the boy does eat every hour for crying out loud - I'm lucky if he goes 2 hours between feedings. I can't pump worth poop so I'm all he has right now. I REFUSE to supplement with formula - so for now I will be a milk tap. I noticed that he prefers the right breast over the left (as did James) so I usually offer the left first then the right. it's working good for us at the moment- but I think he is getting lazy. His latch hasn't been as strong as before. So that is something I will need to talk to someone about.*He may have an upper lip tie - I will be sure to talk to the doctor about this*

We are slowly adding sleepy hours at night. He did one night of 5 hours straight, then the next night was a 3 hour stretch and up every 2 hours after that. Last week he did 6 hours which was FABULOUS! Then every 2 hours after that. Usually he doesn't need a change, just a top up so I don't really count that as waking up as I don't have to get out of bed and I think it's more like Dream Feeding. Sunday night he did 7 straight! Then up form a change and nurse and then did another 3. We are getting there!!

We are still bed sharing - I don't see him transitioning anytime soon - again I am ok with that. We had to put the rail back up as he is rolling now - it's a pain in the butt but again, it's needed for safe bed sharing.

Graham still isn't really interested in toys yet - I can shake a rattle and he responds to it, but he hasn't grasped at any toys yet. He'll get there soon. He has also found his feet! it's super cute! I remember when Jimbo found his feet - it was foot in the mouth ALL THE TIME!!

His hair is GROWING back - FAST! His one month photos clearly show a "Terry Bradshawesque" hairstyle. All the hair on the top of his head fell out - so I was assuming he would be bald for awhile. NOPE not this little guy. It's growing in fast and THICK! We thought maybe it was going to be red - but he's blond just like his brother. Now whether or not it's poker straight like mine - or if he's going to get some curl like Chris - I guess we will just have to wait and see!
The past three months have been AWESOME! You seem to forget the infant stage quick - So I'm having fun remembering certain things. Graham is such a blessing - I just love him to pieces!

Happy Three months Pugsley. Love you tons!


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