Friday, January 25, 2013

A Friday Family Adventure

Since Chris has been off (2 weeks and counting) we have been going out almost everyday to drop off resumes. I love car rides - as does Jimbo. Graham on the other hand - HATES them. Travelling this year is going to be interesting.

Today we decided to drop off just one resume - Downtown. Jimmy kept asking us where we were going and we repeated over and over again "Downtown, to the city!" James would reply with "City?? OH ok"

We came home and got cleaned up. Our power went out this morning so we didn't chance running the hot water out in the middle of a shower. After that we decided to go to the beach!

After the beach we decided to go out for dinner. We haven't done that since BEFORE Graham was born. I was nervous, but the night went perfectly. We got the boys home, bathed and Jimbo went to bed. Chris and I are now watching movies and I am hoping to get to bed a decent time as we are headed BACK Downtown to Granville Island. Can't wait!

Much love

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