Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jimbo turns 3

On Saturday we threw James a birthday party! My little big guy turned three on Friday! (I'm still trying to process that)

Every year I say to Chris "We just need to do a small get together of friends and family to celebrate" - YEAH RIGHT!

For James' first birthday I went WAY overboard with invites. The day of his party, there were 30 people in my mother's home. Yes! THIRTY! There was so much commotion, and bodies that when it came time to sing him 'Happy Birthday' we made him cry...hard.

For his second Birthday - the 49ers were playing the Saints and in my house, when the 49ers are playing - the game MUST be on. So we had a gathering of fans   all Jimbo's Aunts and Uncles. Again - when I started planning I wanted 10 MAX - 20 showed up.  At least he didn't cry.

Now when I started planning this years birthday, we decided to host it at our home as it's A LOT bigger than our last place. I made a list of people, and saw that it was getting out of hand - FAST. So I decided we would just have family, a couple of our friends (James' Godparents) and Jimbo's friends O and L. I was so happy that I had kept the list to 10 people. We decided to do pizza, and cake and snacks etc. We would let the kids watch Cars 2 as it was a Cars themed party. I was super excited for him!
Then Chris said that he felt bad that we weren't inviting certain people - ie people who have been around since the beginning (one thing you learn after children - when you are the only married couple who has children friends come and go) So we went back and decided we would invite a few more. They wanted to be here, and I know James loves them all. So now our list was up to 15.
My sister let me know that her and her boyfriend were thinking of coming into town, but she wasn't sure as Ryan has school etc etc. I was hoping they would make it in, but I got a text on Thursday saying it wasn't going to happen as they couldn't afford the ridiculous flight prices. I was so bummed, but totally understood.
You still with me??
On Friday, my Mum called saying she was coming down for the weekend. She just needed to get out of her house and was leaving shortly. Ok - now we are up to 16. Still ok - but I was getting worried.
So, on Friday night my Mum called to say she was in town and would be over shortly. James was getting tired as he hadn't napped and it was well pass 8 o'clock. So we kept him up till Grandma got here - well..
Grandma showed up as did Jimmy's Aunty Sammi and Uncle Ryan. Grandpa Jock came too! I was so excited to see my sister and James was SUPER thrilled to see his Aunty. But in the back of my mind the number went from 16 - to 20. I did it again! *22 people actually came*
Saturday arrived and we got everything ready for Jimbo's big 3rd Birthday party. I made a cake as well as some cupcakes. We decided to do Hamburgers and Hotdogs rather than pizza, and hoped to god that we had enough space for everyone.
I had to run out again to get more plates, cups etc - and needed to pick up a few last minute decorations. Chris ran to Costco to get the food and my Mum stayed with the boys as Jimmy took his nap.
I came back with balloons and some extra goodies for the kids goody bags. Then it was time to start the party.
James was so excited for his friends to come. Since he is the first grandchild on each side as well as the only child in our group of friends, this was the first year he had 'his' friends come. I loved seeing them lpay together and to see their excited faces when it was cake time, presents etc. We all ate, snacked, talked and had a great time.
James opened all his gifts and had a blast doing it. He was thrilled to get to open "my presents!" He got some more Lego Duplo from his Uncle Brandon, a new pair of Air Jordan's from Uncle Keegs. A New Scooter from Nana and Papa. A Car garage from his Great Aunt, also a T-Ball set from his Aunty Lisa and Uncle Trev. He also got some new clothes and play dough.
We bought him his very own Big Wheel. Chris had one when he was younger, James love his new bike. He looks so cool on it!

The night was great. James had a great time, as did everyone else. I will say that I am glad I only have to do this once a year. Wait - I get to do this twice a year now...Oye!


He didn't cry or fuss - was an exceptionally good boy and loved all the attention he got. He woke up this morning saying "it's my birthday?? Jimmy's birthday" I guess that means he had a great time.

Until next year - or should I say until Graham's day???.....

Much love
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