Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life Update

What's been going on?

This month Jimbo turns THREE! Seriously, someone needs to tell time to slow down. I'm having a hard time with this. My 'baby' is not a baby anymore - and I feel like I have blinked and POOF 3 years have passed. We are doing a family party tonight for him because my parents are down for a visit. Then next weekend we are having another party for him with his friends Olivia and Lucas. I still haven't got a concrete answer from him as to what 'theme' he wants. I think I may just do Cars as he is obsessed with Cars - and Mater.

My Mother in Law got James one of the best birthday presents ever! Starting in February, James has his first set of un-parented swimming lessons! This is a big deal. Chris and I had James go through the first 2 sets, and now he is old enough to be with just the instructor. I'm really excited to see how this pans out!

Graham met our family Doctor last week. I needed to see him about his shots and my midwife advised me to take him in between 2-3 months. Dr. B is so great. He's more on the 'crunchy' side which fits perfectly with our family.

Chris and I decided to delay Graham's 2 month shots till he's 3 months and even then he will only be getting one or two shots per visit. With James I did what I was told and never questioned anything. But this time around, I'm doing things a little different. Dr. B is ok with this - as long as he gets all his shots. I'm ok with that, I'm just not ok with my newborn getting shot up a bunch of times at that young of an age. I am all for vaccinations, I'm just not all for them getting then all so soon and all together. (Please do NOT comment about this - this is what works for our family. Any negative comments will be deleted!)

After we talked about that, Dr. B weighed Graham and took a good look at him. I have a healthy 'little' boy - all 13 lbs 14oz!! We are to go back at the end of January for a 3 month check up. I'm curious to see how much weight he has gained then.

Graham is still exclusively breastfed, and we are getting more and more sleep at night. He is also gradually letting us put him down. He loves his bouncy chair, and will sit there ONLY if he has been fed and has a dry diaper! He sometimes naps in it, but I like the "Sleep when baby sleeps" philosophy. Usually we all nap together - James, Graham and I. I LOVE IT. He is starting to grasp at objects, but still isn't super interested in toys thus far.

At 9 weeks Graham giggled for the first time. Chris and I caught it on camera and I must say - it is the CUTEST FREAKING THING EVER! Since then, my little guy is all smiles and giggles, I love this age, they are so squishy cute.

Morning giggles for Mumma!
To continue on with my rambling post - we are doing our annual family photo session tomorrow. We are of course having Mrs. J take them. I'm really excited about this years photos. My parents are here so we will be having some done with then as well - PLUS - the boys have matching outfits! SO STINKIN' CUTE! I can't wait!! 

Now some bad news - just like last year, Chris got the axe from work! Yes, another layoff. I hate it.. I HATE IT, I HATE IT! Did I mention that I hate it?? But unlike last year, Chris is now a Journeyman so it's A LOT easier to pick up work. We are both hoping that he's not out for too long. It comes with the job I guess.

So - there... a little life update. Sorry for the rambling... some days are crazy, others are calm - but I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

Much love

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