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The Little Cleaning Box Review & {Giveaway}

Since having the boys I have tried to adapt to a greener living lifestyle. We cloth diaper, I use mama cloth - I don't use paper towels as often as I did a few years ago. I also have stopped using harsh cleaning chemicals in our home.

So when I was contacted by Leslie Reichert and asked if I would like to review The Little Cleaning Box I quickly agreed!

What is "The Little Cleaning Box":

I was intrigued by this idea. Every 90 days you are sent a little box with sample of 'green' cleaning products. So over the course of the year you will receive 4 boxes of great products. Each box will contain hand picked items by Leslie Reichert - she is a nationally recognized "Green Cleaning Coach" and is the founder of the Green Clean University. To learn more about Leslie click here for her bio.

The Review:

First off - I will be getting a subscription. I think this is an amazing idea!

Here is how your little box will look when you receive it.

As you can see there are quite a few samples in my box. What I like is you get a variety to try. It's not just soap, or sprays etc.

First up: From Unique Natural Products - Unique Pet odor & stain eliminator sample. Now we do not have pets - but you don't have to have pets to use this. Chris' work clothes sometimes smell TERRIBLE!! I don't know if it's the chemicals from soldering or what but them have a musty/icky smell to them. I used this on one of his load of clothes and they came out smelling fresh. No lingering musty smells. 

About Unique Natural Products:
Unique Manufacturing and Marketing formulates and sells natural bacteria products to improve our homes and the environment in which we live. Our cleaning, septic system, and drain products are guaranteed to work or you get your money back, but we're pretty confident you'll love them! Often the healthful benefits of green products are countered with expensive price tags and watered down results. Not only are our products safe, but they're very inexpensive and extremely effective. They just make sense.

If you have questions on how to use our organic cleaning solutions, click on the Usage Instructions button on the home page. There you will find in-depth instructions and a full (and ever growing) list of ways to use our products.

If we had pets (which we hope to have in the future) I guarantee I will have this in my cleaning closet. It works so well and it does what it says it will do.

The next item up for review is the Greenleaf  'Haven' Sachet. Now I am not a perfume - pretty panty smelling kinda gal - BUT when my nose got a whiff of this I immediately went and stuck it in my 'top' drawer. The scent is not overpowering yet it leaves my intimates with a nice, feminine smell.  Again - this would be a product I would buy not only for myself - but for my sisters and Mum as well.

About Greenleaf:
Greenleaf brings nature home with fragrances that evoke the romance of delicate flowers, the freshness of ocean and air, the vibrance of juicy citrus, and the coziness of sweet cinnamon and vanilla. The vision of Greenleaf is to create products and fragrances that embody the joy of every season.

We have never forgotten our roots as a bedding plant business started by husband and wife team, Bob and Sylvia Caldwell. The original scented envelope sachet was the first Greenleaf product, and continues to be our nature-inspired signature. Since 1975, we have refined our expertise in fragrance, color, product formulation, packaging and trends to transform into one of the largest home fragrance manufacturers in the United States. Still family-owned and operated, Greenleaf has blossomed into an international company (Greenleaf products are sold in over 90 countries!) with a continued focus on quality products and fragrances.

Each fragrance is created in-house, making them unique and specifically formulated to work effectively in every product – ensuring the signature quality that our valuable customers have come to expect from Greenleaf for over 35 years.

Next is the Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator spray. In our family - we don't really use air fresheners. I don't like the smell of them and I know they aren't good for the environment. So when I saw that there was a travel size sample of the Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator I popped that bad boy into the bathroom for all to use! What I really like about it is, the scent is not overpowering. It doesn't smell like I unloaded a perfume truck in my bathroom or kitchen or wherever. The ingredients are simple and I can actually read them. Water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood. Can't get much simpler than that! LOVE this spray and I plan on getting more once my bottle runs out. I vow to never buy another 'big brand' air freshener.

About Fresh Wave:

Tired of heavily perfumed deodorizers that merely mask foul smells? Fresh Wave is the cure for the common, chemical air freshener. Unscented Fresh Wave® was created to eliminate odors...naturally. Fresh Wave Sprays, Crystal Gels, Candles, Vacuum Pearls, Laundry Multi-Purpose Additive, Carpet Shake and Pearl Packs all use the power of nature for safe, non-toxic odor elimination without the use of perfumes or fragrances. Simple, natural, ingredients like Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Cedarwood and Water.

They're great for the home, car, office, cabin, boat, locker, gym bag and every place else. Wherever you have an odor, we have a Fresh Wave solution.

And Fresh Wave® products are backed by 20 years of experience in odor management and a proven track record of effectiveness because they are created and distributed by
OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management. OMI Industries products, which include Ecosorb® (industrial), Fresh Wave® IAQ® (commercial) have been used for years to eliminate the most foul odors on earth. You can find OMI products put to use every day in places such as solid waste facilities, asphalt factories, rubber manufacturing plants, hotel rooms, rental cars, offices, and homes around the world. Using proven science, the natural ingredients in Fresh Wave products bond with odors to safely get rid of smells in the air, woven materials, confined spaces and everywhere else odors lurk.

I am the WORST when it comes to keeping metals looking nice - seriously. I have a silver ring that was given to me that looks looked like crap. That was until I saw that the Little Cleaning Box had a polishing cloth from Cape Cod Polish Co.
About Cape Cod Polish Co.:
Committed to Excellence:
Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths are soft, reusable cotton cloths containing just the right amount of their amazing metal polish. Simple wipe away tarnish to reveal a mirror like shine. Never again will you need a separate silver polish, brass polish, copper polish, etc. Cape Cod Polishing Cloths work on all fine metals. Safe and easy to use, our metal polishing cloths have a pleasant vanilla fragrance and leave a revolutionary anti-tarnish finish.
My ring is made out of the end of a small silver spoon. I stopped wearing it because it was tarnished and looked terrible! So I decided to try out the cloth. First off - it doesn't stink - at all. It does have a nice vanilla smell. I rubbed my ring with the cloth as directed and then buffed it with another soft cloth. My ring came out glistening. I tried to take a before and after picture but my camera is being difficult! What I like best about the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth is you can reuse it over and over again. Even if it's all discolored. It will do it's job! It's a great product to have in your home - especially if you own silver flatware etc.

The last two items in my Little Cleaning Box were samples of Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Dish Soap. I will admit that I use Sunlight to wash my dishes. I did at one point by the 7th Generation stuff, but it's more expensive. I tore into the Bluebell one and I will say I didn't really notice a difference in my dishes - just more scent than anything. Then after a REALLY greasy crock pot dinner I tore into the Rosemary one - I am SOLD on Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Soap. It cut through the grease like it was nobody business and left everything clean and my hands smelling great!
About Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day:
MRS. MEYER’S CLEAN DAY household products were inspired by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine. It all started when one of her daughters was walking down a cleaning aisle, eyeing all the products with their harsh, stinky chemicals. Right then and there, she had an idea: “Let’s make cleaners that smell nice, like a garden, but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime.” She named the product line after her very practical mom and the common sense values she passed along to her kids.
I love the variety of products she has to offer and I do plan on purchasing some. I would love to try the Counter Top spray as well as the All Purpose Cleaner. Also the Liquid Hand Soap looks great too!

Overall - this Little Cleaning Box packs a BIG punch of Green Clean! If you are interested in purchasing a subscription head on over to the Little Cleaning Box's website and sign up! Every three months you will be charged $10.00 and a new Little Cleaning Box will be shipped to you! I personally think it's worth WAY more than the $10 you are spending.

While you at it - check out Leslie's Green Cleaning Coach's page as well. There you can find tips and tricks from Leslie herself on new ways to clean your home. Make sure you sign up for her Newsletter as well to keep in the loop & updated!

Head on over to the Little Cleaning Box website to purchase your year subscription! You won't be disappointed.
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Thank you to Leslie at the Little Cleaning Box as well as all the Vendors. I LOVE this idea and love that I can clean Green!



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