Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...16 months have come and gone.

To my sweet, happy little boy:

Today you are 16 months old. Honestly, I don't know where the time went. I feel like I blinked and poof! My infant was gone. Replaced by a toddler, who is so curious, smart and oh so funny! I love waking up each morning to your babble and giggles. Walking in to see you standing in your crib with open arms, ready to take on another day.

J, my love for you is infinite. A never ending cycle. There are no words to describe it, but a mother's love for her child. I am proud to call you my son. And I hope one day you are proud that I am your mum.

I love you sweetheart, with ever fibre of my being. xoxo

Love, Mum