Friday, May 27, 2011

First holiday of the year!

Ahh, May long weekend. I always look forward to our holidays. We spend them at the same place every year. Osoyoos, BC! C has been going there since he was two. J went for the first time when he was 4 months old. I can't really call it 'camping' cause we have a trailer and a HUGE deck. Camping to me, is a tent in the middle of nowhere.. or at a 'campground'.

Shady Lagoon used to be like that, now they are all permanent spots.

A couple years ago my FIL was offered a permanent spot and of course he agreed to it. He loves it up there more than all of us! Now Osoyoos in the middle of the summer is a hot spot.. literally HOT. Every year I get burnt, my first year was terrible. I was a lobster and was very uncomfortable. The next year I vowed to not get burnt but spent one day laying around under the mister and burnt my lower half! I do believe last year was the first year I didn't burn. I was too busy taking care of J and keeping him shaded that I didn't even get the chance hehe.

When we go to Osoyoos, we don't care about the time, what day it is.. or what's going on back at home (sorry people, but it's our time to relax) It's my favorite place on earth. No lie. It's so beautiful, so calm and serene.

The view

We plan of keeping the tradition going in our family. I cannot imagine any other place (well besides Disneyland when J is old enough) where we would spend our holidays. We have great friends that come along with us, it's like another family altogether.

J - May Long 2010

J - May Long 2011

I am now counting down the day's till we get to go again. I will be gone for ten whole days with J (C has to work but will join us for the long weekend) Ahh 56 days and counting...