Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Up and coming reviews!!

Again I have been neglecting my blog... things have been a little crazy around here. My work schedule has picked up, C and J were involved in a car accident a couple weeks ago (everyone is fine, but my poor car isn't) oh did I mention that my work schedule picked up??

Now don't get me wrong I love my job (YES.. you read that right!) I really love my job. But having to work every weekend can make you somewhat bitter. I don't get to take J to the park with C, or go to the Aquarium but I guess it's ok as I get to spend the week with him. And I don't have to work EVERY weekend, just recently. Anyways, I have some exciting reviews coming up.

I recently won two MiniMaestro diapers on facebook!! It was their 750 fan giveaway, and you had to submit a name for the color combo. Now I have a confession, I love to name diapers. There are a few WAHM sites that have my names for their diapers. Heheh. So when I saw this I just on bored and went to work. A few names were kinda blah,but other I thought we really really good. I ended up winning a light green (celery) and white diaper, and also a Royal Blue and Baby Blue diaper!

I was pretty excited as I have not tried these yet. So keep your eyes peeled for the review!
I also bought a mini starter pack of wipes from Sweet Bobbins etsy shop. Again, I will be doing a review on those as well. And just for the record... I LOVE them... like really really love them. :)

Here's a list of what I hope to have reviewed and posted in the coming weeks:

MiniMaestro Pocket Diaper
GoGreen Champs 2.0
Sweet Bobbins wipes
Monster Fluff Studio Fleece soaker
AppleCheeks Little Bundle
Duca Duca Diapers (A new one!!!)
Knickernappies Doorknock diaper pail
Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls
Norwex Products (At the moment I have the polishing cloth, I'll do a review once I get my starter set!)

So there you have it. I am pretty stoked about doing some new reviews and I was also thinking of making a section for all my recipes. I love to cook and bake... so that will be my next step. Venturing away from the baby gear reviews. Don't worry I'll still do them, I just wanted to add something else to the blog.!!

Much love xoxox