Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well if you wanna go... why not GoGreen??

Yay! Here's my second diaper review! I know i have been so way behind with my blog, but I just have not had the time to sit down a write. *Sad face* But here is my review on the GoGreen pocket diaper.
I had won a couple of GoGreen's regular diapers. I chose a Moo Too (fuzzy diaper) and also a Print Silky diaper in Techno Tushie. First off I have to say that their Fuzzy diapers are oh so soft and they have some super cute prints. I also own the Giraffe print and the Camo print. Again all are so adorable and are very soft. Now on to the Techno Tushie...

My first impression was, how vivid the colors were. I was really drawn to this diaper just from the print. I love the blue and yellow combo. Secondly I really like the crossover snaps and the hip snaps. J has a chubby belly and thinner thighs so hip snaps are a must in our home. He's about 27.5 lbs and 32".

Here's the diaper un-snapped but on the medium rise setting. And also the inside of the diaper. Which is another great aspect of GoGreen diapers. Suede cloth....

I'll be honest, all of J's pocket diapers are on the largest rise setting, except for GoGreen. He is on the middle setting, which I love because that means he will get more wear out of them. I also really like the suede cloth inners. All of their regular diaper's have the suede cloth lining. I find that the suede cloth doesn't stain as bad as microfleece, which is a BIG HUGE plus as I hate (and I mean HATE) stains in my diapers. I know I know.. but it's a diaper. I do not care. I try very hard to get all the poop stains out. Each regular diaper comes with one microfiber insert, which is very absorbent!

The fit of this diaper is impeccable. Like I stated before, J is on the medium setting, which gives us a lot of room to grow. The leg elastic does not leave red marks on his legs and the outside is very soft. I have washed these multiple times and they come out looking like they did the day I got them. We have not had any leaks... none, zip, nada. J is a heavy wetter and even with just one insert in, he can go a few hours before I have to change.

Great price point - Start at 8.99/regular diaper, 14.95 for a Champ 2.0 (I'm waiting patiently for stock so I can snag one!)
Really cute prints/solids and fuzzies
Wash very welesl
Great fit
Crossover snaps 

Small stuffing pocket
I really didn't like the spacing of the snaps on the tabs. I wish they were spaced a little more far apart.
I don't have enough!!
No gussets like the Champ.

All in all C and I are in LOVE with these diapers. I would like to get some more. J seems to be a happy camper when he is wearing his GoGreen pocket diaper!!

J wearing his Techno Tushie

I so recommend GoGreen diapers if you are just starting to cloth diaper or even if you are a seasoned pro!. They are easy to use, come in a wide variety of prints,solids and fuzzy diapers. They also sell extra inserts for a reasonable price and have some really great Wet/Dry bags (that are a great price too!!) If you have been wanting to try them, DON'T hesitate. Get them while you can, cause when they stock, they go like Hot Cakes!!
And make sure you go and visit their website! http://www.gogreenpocketdiapers.com/ 

Please note that I was in no way compensated for this review. All opinions are strictly my own.