Thursday, June 2, 2011

Game 1 !!! Vancouver: 1 Boston: 0

So it's no secret that my little fam are HUGE Canucks fans. I'll admit that I could really care less about the regular season unless it's a game that I want to watch. But as soon as playoff start.. well..I just jump right on the bandwagon.

When I was 6, I watched the Canucks lose to the Rangers. I was devastated. No lie. My mother told me that I sat in front of the TV for hours after the game ended..crying and sobbing. I didn't watch another hockey game for almost 10 years.

Anyways, last night was Game 1 in the Stanley Cup final. I had my sister and her boyfriend come over for dinner as well as J's god parents L and T. Wow! All I can say is next time we are ordering PIZZA! I barely got to sit down as I was cooking up a storm. Ribs, chicken wings and various other munchies foods. Also trying to keep and eye on J.

First period: 0-0..LOTS of penalties. I didn't really get the chance to watch, but I got the gist of it.

Second period: DINNER TIME!! And again 0-0 with a load more penalties. Both teams had some amazing opportunities to score but Lu and Thomas are fabulous goalies.

Third period: Dinner clean up and STILL 0-0. As it was getting down to the wire, we were all thinking "overtime" but that's ok.. it's always exciting and nerve racking when you go into overtime... Torres.... ahh... you big lug you. With 19 seconds left in the third period Torres..shoots.. and SCORES!!!!

We all erupted with cheers and yelling! HOLY POOP!

Needless to say Game 1 was a nail biter and seriously I probably had a minor heart attack.

Game 2 is Saturday and I have to work..poo poo to that but it's all good. I can watch it while at work!

So there's my update on the race to the Stanley Cup.