Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 weeks and a midwife appointment

On Monday - Chris and I went for our midwife appointment. I was so excited that he was going to be able to come with me, as he hasn't been to one yet. Janice was in that day (which I was glad as I really like her) We talked about my lack of weight gain and she wasn't to concerned at the moment as I'm still only 17 weeks and the pounds will show up! We also discussed how my prenatal vitamins are making me feel - SICK! So I now am going on a different kind - here's a funny pregnancy moment; I got a call from Karen the receptionist to let me know that I forgot to take my prescription - here I am going nuts thinking I lost it!

Anyways, we finished talking about how I need more protein and how I could get that through snacks and what not. Then she felt my tummy and showed me where my uterus was. Now THAT was cool. We also got to hear the heartbeat! The look on Chris' face was just awesome. I think it finally sank in that there is another little bub that we created growing in my uterus. We even got to hear some movement - it was a funny sound like a "WOUMP" Janice said that the heartbeat sounded great (160BPM) and that everything is looking good.

I feel good. Although there are some days that I am just exhausted. But I think that comes with having a toddler to chase after all day long. But I don't mind, James and I get to nap together which I love. He snuggles right on up to me.

The cravings are back. Mushroom soup! Ahh I want it all the time. Then it's cheese whiz on toast... I give in every time.

So, I am in my 17th week - only 3 more to go till the half way mark. We have started to make predictions on what this little one will be - a lot of people are saying girl so of course I'm saying boy! But my mother's intuition is saying girl as well. Only a few more weeks till we find out.

17 week belly shot. It's funny cause I don't look this big in person.

So there you have it. Hope you all have a great weekend. We are out of town AGAIN!

Much love