Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I know...Excuses, excuses.

I feel really bad - I do not know how many of these posts I have done apologizing for lack of posts but we were on a mini vacation - again!

I do have a lot to write about. I hit 18 weeks today so there will be a post about that. There will, also be a few reviews as well - Milan Maternity. Omaiki Diapers, Cuppow (which I still haven't posted!)

I also will be starting my Baby Buys posts as well. I am hoping that after 20 weeks and the gender reveal I can start these. I am going to get them written up and will post as I go.

So there, it is short and simple but I am hoping to get at least my reviews done my Sunday!

Again thank you for hanging in there with me. OH one more thing - I do have another Trendy Maternity review coming up... plus there will be a little somethin somethin to go along with it!

Much love