Sunday, May 27, 2012

Omaiki Ö Sleep & Ö Signature diaper Reviews

Ok I am FINALLY getting to my review of the NEW Omaiki Ö Sleep fitted nighttime diaper and their Signature Pocket Diaper. I feel terrible that it has taken me this long, but nonetheless, here it is.

Omaiki was running a giveaway on their FB page one day - it was for their new Ö Sleep diaper. Now if you remember I did a review and a giveaway for their original Ö Sleep diaper and fell in love with them instantly. Well, I still love the Ö Sleep diaper. We never have any issues with it. I make sure I put an extra insert in it for J but it holds up so well.

Any ways - I won the giveaway and was sent a new version of the Ö Sleep. 

Now you're probably wondering what's different - right? Well first off the outer material is an Organic Cotton.  The print is SUPER cute! The Velcro has also changed. BUT now you can get the new Ö Sleep diaper in SNAPS!! Yup, that's right. Omaiki now had a snapped fitted Ö Sleep diaper. So great! 

Now I do have to say that while I love the print, I feel though as it's not as absorbent as the Original Ö Sleep diaper. The other one I have is much more plush - also the Velcro doesn't seem to be 'as strong' as the original. Now I'm guessing this could be because they have used an Organic Cotton, rather than the Bamboo, but either way, after I stick the Velcro on - it stays on. Other than that, the Ö Sleep is just a good as the Original. The inner is the same - it has the extra, sewn in liner. Still washes wonderfully and dries as fast as an AIO fitted diaper can! 

I highly suggest this diaper for overnight use, or if you have a heavy wetter. Again, Omaiki is Canadian which I love. I am very impressed with this diaper and plan to use it with baby number two as well! 

Now on to the Ö Signature diaper!

I was very surprised to find this diaper in my fluffy mail. Omaiki sent this diaper along with the fitted diaper i had one. (Thank you Omaiki!) The Ö Signature diaper is a one sized, pocket diaper that rocks! 

How cute is this print?? I love that Omaiki doesn't use stock prints (Know what I mean??) anyways, I was very excited to get this bad boy on James. The fit is great and it's super easy to snap. It has a three rise snap setting which makes for a smaller fit on a smaller baby (bonus!) the only down side is it doesn't have cross over snaps. I would LOVE that. Again, the Ö Signature diaper comes in Snaps or Velcro.

The inside is made up of 100% polyester, but is very soft. It has a front pocket opening, that is quite large and easy to stuff. Plus if James does a number 2 it's easy to pull the insert out and I don't have to get my hands near any poop! The leg elastics are WELL MADE! It gives lots of room to get a good fit around James' chubby legs, but it doesn't leave red marks. Solids just roll off if this diaper - Chris says that's a big plus! 

The insert I received is HUGE! Really. I can stuff the diaper and then fold the front down to get an extra layer of insert for James. *I measured it! It's 58cm LONG!* We have traveled with this diaper and have made is almost 4 hours and NO LEAKS! 

Front pocket opening

This insert is folded IN HALF! 
I have to say I am also very impressed with the Ö Signature diaper. It's one of our GO TO diapers and James has asked for it "Mum BUE Boy diaper" as he would say. Again, I would recommend this diaper to others looking for a great pocket, CANADIAN made diaper. I'm saving some pennies to purchase some of their Mini O diapers for baby number 2. I will most defiantly be doing a review on those once I have bub!

Thank you to Omaiki for letting me review your great diaper's AGAIN! It's always a pleasure working with you.

Much love
Please note that ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. I was sent sample products for review purposes only. My opinion may differ from others. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!