Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weeks 15 & 16

Woohoo! 4 months down!

So there isn't a whole lot to report... my belly is getting HUGE! Honestly, I look like I did when I was 6 months along with James. The odd thing is I haven't gained anything really. I weighed myself two days ago and I'm at 157.5 lbs. I lost 1.5 lbs. This does concern me, but I am eating and it's been healthier - so I will talk with my midwife next week when I go and see her.

So week 16: Baby is about the size of an Avocado. (Roughly 5 inches and about 3.5 oz) I haven't had a whole lot of cravings - while away on the weekend I REALLY wanted that crap peach juice that you would find at the fair... but sadly - I was unable to find it. On our way home I was snacking on BBQ Crispers, Bugles and a Pineapple Mango juice - let's just say - it wasn't pretty coming back up! I've been downing water like it's going out of style. I need it super cold and WITH ice! But other than that - nothing much.

We go in 31 days to find out if this one is a little boy or a little girl. Personally I think it's another boy. I will be shocked if it's a girl.

On Monday I see the midwife again - I cannot wait to hear bubs heart beat again. That sound is just - amazing!

I think I will start my baby buys posts and what not after 20 weeks. ie: newborn cloth diapers, carriers etc.

Time is just flying by! I'm just so darn excited!

Baby at 15 weeks

`16 weeks exact - last night's photo was definitely a food baby! 

Much love