Thursday, April 19, 2012

13 weeks - second trimester already??

13 weeks already??!! I cannot believe how fast this is going! So does this mean I'm in my second Trimester?? Holy Crap!!

The nausea is slowly going away. There are times in the evening where I feel so sick but that's only after my vitamin. A new symptom is heartburn. OH lordy - it's terrible. I have to watch what I eat before bed or else i am up all freaking night. This includes water!!

I can't remember if I posted this but FINALLY got a new bed!! I slept like a baby the fist night and Chris did not want to get out of bed for school. Now we need to get James a new one. L:ittle bugger has jumped so much that his is cracking and NOISY!!

Anyways - I *think* I've felt some kicks here and there but i cannot be sure. It's almost like a foot is pushing on the inside of my belly. But it could be gas...hehe

There isn't a whole lot to report - I'm weighing in at 158lbs - possibly more now so I will update this on Sunday. I haven't had a lot of cravings - Iced Tea is something I want all the time but I have to refrain due to sugar content and caffeine. Other than that cravings come and go. My headaches are still here and they HURT! I have an appointment in June as my eye doctor is fully booked so I am hoping everything is ok by then - if not hopefully they can tell me why I keep getting these.

I will update this as the week progresses!

Much love