Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Treasures

It's Spring clean up in our town - which means houses have some nasty old stuff that no one really wants!

I must say that some houses look like they have been hoarding junk JUST for this one day of junk pick up. But I have changed my opinion about Spring clean up - there are some treasures to be found.

For instance - James has a new trike that we found. It doesn't have a seat on it but his Papa said he would make something for him. He had such a great time riding up and down the driveway at my in-laws. He would pull himself all the way up to the top and then ride down with no feet yelling "WEEEE!"

My mother in law went for a walk with James and when she returned she let us know that there was a play kitchen just up the street that seemed to be in good condition. I asked Chris to run up in the car to grab it. Even if I didn't like it we could let it be on the side of the road and someone else could come and get it.

I was SO pleased when he brought it home. It was in great condition - there was a door that needed to be taken off and some stickers missing but other than that all it needed was a good hose down and scrub!

Here is it! I'm going to add a piece of cardboard and fabric to the ironing board - and will also add some stickers to make it more kitchen like. James was super excited to see his new kitchen. He loves playing with the one that is at play group - and the best part is - it was FREE!!

Now I get to go out and buy some play food - dishes and other fun stuff! Watch out work! Mama's on a mission!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Much love