Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wondering what life will bring....

A lot could change for our little family in the next few months - and I'm scared to bits!

Chris is finishing school - actually he's done next week and after passing his exam he will be a fully ticketed, red seal tradesman. I'm so proud of him. Here's the thing - there's no work for him to go back to.

He's been off work for four months! Two of which he's been in school but still - he contacted his employer and they said that there wasn't anything for him to come back to. So, he's looking for another company. Again, there isn't much of anything down here on the coast.

There's a few options we've been discussing - waiting it out and hoping that something comes up here, close to home or camp work. Ugh! Just the thought of it  makes me want to cry. There is TONS of work up north and at the Alberta border.

He would most likely work 3 weeks on and then have a week at home with us. The longest I've been away from Chris since we moved in together 4 years ago has been 5 days - and this was WAAYY before James was here. But the thing is the money would be crazy good, and it's not like he has to do this forever..right??

Nothing is set in stone right now but I'm thinking he will probably give er a go. See how he likes it (I mean c'mon how much fun would that be?? Yikes!) I would miss him So much - Oh my heart hurts just thinking about it but I know right now if it's what we have to do then we have to do it. We have to survive somehow - and me working 2 days a week at 10.00 an hour isn't going to pay our rent!

There are some upsides to this - I wouldn't have to go to work for those 2 measly days a week - meaning J would have all my attention all day long and I wouldn't be cutting our special days short cause mama has to get ready. I think it would be good for us - Absence makes the heart grow fonder - is that the cliché saying??

Like I said nothing is set in stone right now - I'm hoping something is available soon for him. Everything is so up in the air right now and I hate uncertainty - What will be will be and I know we make it.

Much love