Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Update

Ahh.. Week 12. Hello! So nice to see you!

So what does week 12 bring me: Headaches, panic attacks, more nausea and sleepless nights.

Let's start with the headaches - I personally think it's due to my lack of wearing glasses. YES I am suppose to wear them ALL the time but I don't - why? Cause they give me headaches. I need to go in and see my specialist. I try to keep my water intake up but regardless how much I drink, I still get headaches.

Panic Attacks: UGH! I hate these! I had them with J too. I get so worked up about everything that I go into a panic and can't breath! This is why I was put off work with J at 6 months. Well it was a combo of stress, anxiety and depression. I'm really hoping to keep my spirits up this time, but if my blood pressure stays up that's it's. No more worky for this mama.

Nausea: I would VERY much like this symptom to hit the road!

NO SLEEP!: Ok well I do get some sleep but it takes forever!! C and I have a crappy old bed that was given to us by my nana and papa...and our bed before that was from his grandparents.. so we came up with a solution - We bought a NEW bed. WOOHOO. Here's hoping for better nights sleep.. the ONLY issue is it doesn't come till next week so I have to endure the S@!$ bed for another week!

My belly has clearly popped and I can no longer hide it! C and I have started to guess what it is: We both say girl... so we will be finding out on June 8th!!

I had my midwife appointment yesterday - It was a fun one! NOT - I hate paps.. they are just- BLEH! But the midwife (Debbie - whom I LOVE!! was super nice about it) We talked about whats been going on and she gave me some comfort. I just have to say that I am so thankful that I went with a midwife this time around. I feel like I matter.. if that makes any sense. I also got to hear the heartbeat! At first I didn't hear it. I could only hear my own then Debbie found bub and WOW - I forgot what that sounded like. I was in awe! To hear my own heartbeat and then babes was just amazing.

So that's what's been up so far. C is finished school in a couple of weeks and I cut my hours of work down. We have a wedding coming up at the beginning of May and then we will be going on our first Vacation to Osoyoos!! I am SO looking forward to that!!

Much love