Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, I have to say we had a pretty great weekend.

On Friday C went to a friends house to watch the Hockey game - J went to bed early as he really needed to! So I got to watch some super sappy chick flicks and bawled like a little baby. I really needed a good cry. I mean it didn't help the headache BUT it was so worth it!

I worked my last Saturday shift this past weekend! WOOHOO!! I've cut my hours at work from 16 a week to 8. I'm just not up to it and C thinks it's a good idea considering my blood pressure is still up. Plus I'm still so damn tired! So after work on Saturday we decided to go out for dinner. C made a joke saying because I didn't want White Spot I must be having a girl. lol So we went for Sushi at a local place close to home.

J has never had Sushi so this was a first for him. (Don't worry I didn't eat any raw fish - YUK!) I was starving so we started off with a bowl of Miso Soup and some rice. J LOVED the soup and he was even loving the rice. Then we ordered a bunch of food. A couple California Rolls, a BC Roll, a Dynamite Roll and some Appetizer Tempura (Mmm my and J's fav!) - I only eat the Cali rolls as I'm not big on other seafood. For J we got him the Chicken Teriyaki which he also loved!

When we got home it was time for J's bath. He was ready for bed soon after that. So then I just curled up on the couch and rested. Interview with the Vampire was on but I only got through the first 30 minutes before I fell asleep. Then I had to move my sleepy bum to our crappy crappy bed - then it took FOREVER to get back to sleep. I cannot wait for Tuesday - our new bed arrives!

As for today - well J let us sleep in - then we headed to Wal Mart to get s few things for the new bed - and went food shopping. We came home, had lunch and then played outside for a while. We had perogies for dinner then went to Cold Stone for ice cream. J wanted to play some more so he played with Daddy outside with his new "Buzz" ball.

I'm sad to see the weekend come to an end - BUT I cannot wait to be able to spend the WHOLE weekend with my boy next weekend. We need to plan on something fun!!

Much love