Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After our devastating loss in December, C and I decided to wait one full cycle before we started to try again. Well, kind of. During the month after we didn't use any type of protection and just went for it.

Aunt Flo showed her ugly face, but I was ok with that. At least I was getting back on track.

So after she left - I bought some OPK's. I thought maybe this would help us as my cycles were whack. I was pretty regular ie: 28-29 day cycles. After the miscarriage it took 32 days for my cycle to come. So not too far off, but enough for me to want to track it.

I never got a positive OPK in February. I was sooo bummed. I started testing on CD 7 nada - again on CD9 - nada. So I waited a couple more day and still no positive. C and I decided to go at it blind. Screw the tests - let's just do what we need to do.

I didn't know when I had ovulated so I couldn't judge the days we should be BDing. Plus we were both sick BLEH!

I tested on the 16th and it was negative so I told myself not to get upset if my HPT came back negative the next day.


Two months to the day after we lost our wee babe.... here it is!!!


Yes, that's right! POSITIVE! I could not believe my eyes when I looked at my test. It was a very faint line (It didn't even show up on my camera photo) But I knew it was indeed 100% positive. I decided to take one more on Sunday just so I could get a picture with a more solid pink line.

We are beyond thrilled - yet at the same time nervous as hell. This time around I don't feel so apprehensive toward the pregnancy. Last time I just had a bad feeling. This time I feel wonderful! I know what ever happens will happen but I'm trying to be super positive.

So off my LMP - I am due around October 24th - 30th. I know EDD are just that an estimation.

Here's hoping for a Healthy and Happy 9 Months!!

Week 6:

So at this point in my last pregnancy I had no morning sickness. Nothing at all that would have made me think I was pregnant. Well the absence of my period was a pretty good indicator BUT this time around I am so damn nauseous. It comes and goes in waves but it is definitely present throughout the day.

Headaches are another symptom that has crept up. It's not an all day thing but they come around late afternoon and last till I go to bed. I haven't been taking anything for them as once I get some rest I am fine. I've been trying to up my water intake and am succeeding. With J I was nauseous all the time. No puking but just constantly nauseous. I had sore boobies and was irritable. WATCH OUT!

Food aversions: Cooking bacon. OMC I wanna hurl when I can smell my breaky cooking. Bacon is something I crave. Like really bad so while I am cooking it I have to hold my breath. It's terrible.

What am I craving: Grapefruit, orange juice - anything citriusy. Bacon and carbs.

With J, all I wanted was cheese and rootbeer. No lie. OH and tuna cakes. Strange I know.. hmm Tuna cakes sounds pretty damn good right now.

I am so emotional. I cry all the time. I could be listening to a song and that's that - I'm in tears. We were watching the Bodyguard (Like the last 15 minutes) and I was balling! I couldn't control myself. I am still nervous about passing the 7 week mark. I just want to progress normally and have no complications. I go in to see my midwife on the 20th of March. I will have a dating ultrasound as I am not 100% how far along I am no when I am due. So that will put my mind at ease to see our little ones heartbeat.

Week 7:

So this week the nausea is here all the freaking time. I can't shake it! The good news is the headaches have subsided which thank god - cause they were annoying! I'm still really tired and emotional but that's a given right?? No sore/tender nips but at times - if J gets me in the right spot they do hurt.

I've been having crazy vivid dreams still. Some are sexual, some are happy and some are down right scary. My mind is racing a mile a minute while sleeping and I don't know where these dreams are coming from.

Food Aversion's: peas - We had pasta and peas one night and the little green peas just turned my stomach! Bleh!
Cravings: Milk - lots of milk! Chocolate milk to be exact.

I've gained 3 lbs since I found out we were pregnant again. To be honest I don't care how much weight I gain. I mean within reason right?? I gained 50lbs with J - but I was sickly underweight when we found out. (118lbs at 5'9..not good for me)

Week 8:

Yay! 2 months! Still feeling pregnant - which is great. I won't complain..well not a lot! I have a belly already but that's probably just bloat. Oh well - I can't hide it anymore. I'm in my mat pants which I LOVE. They are so darn comfy!

I go for my first midwife appointment next week - which is SO exciting! The last time I couldn't get in right away and then when I did - we found out we miscarried. So things are falling into place this time around. I do have to go in for a dating ultrasound just to see where we are at. I think I may be less further along than they think but I don't know. All I want is to see that beating heart!

I'm still very nauseous and I have a very little appetite. Everything makes me queasy - but there are a few things that I have been craving now

What I am craving: Yogurt - specifically Peach. Bagels, grapes and still cheese. Pork and Beans is another one that I've been craving but an scared to eat! I'm drinking lots of water and cutting my juice with it too.. Chocolate milk is a staple now. The first thing I do in the morning is get a BIG glass of it.

I cannot wait for my first appointment. I will be just a day shy of 9 weeks. EEK!!

Week 9:

Not a whole lot of change from week 8. Still nauseous and tired. But the good thing is.. I STILL FEEL PREGNANT! Which is a good sign I think.

I went for my first midwife appointment and met with one of the ladies. I found her to be very polite and nice. I felt comfortable and thought that I made a great decision to go with a midwife this time around. It was a pretty regular appointment - took my info - weighed me (down 2 pounds - probably from lack of appetite) Then we discussed my history and what not. I made an appointment for April 10th - I will be a dat shy of 12 weeks then. So I am very excited to hit that mark.

I also have a ultrasound on the 3rd of April. I asked to have one just to put my mind at ease. I don't think anything is wrong but I would like to have that piece of mind knowing our little bub is doing well. I will probably post this after I see that heartbeat!

Cravings: Nothing new really. Just want milk/chocolate milk all the time.

Aversions: Nothing in particular. I think to myself "Ooh I'll make _____" and then I want to puke just from the sight of it. But usually by dinner time I'm hungry enough to eat whatever is placed in front of me.

Week 10:

Still tired - nothing really different from week nine. BUT - we did go in on the 3rd of April for an ultrasound. I was soo freaking nervous. I barely slept a wink the night before, and when I woke up I have a HUGE cold sore. YUCK! But all my worrying was for nothing - as the tech confirmed what I knew in my heart.

We have a healthy little bub in my uterus with a good strong heartbeat! Can you say RELIEF! Oh man I am just so happy and overjoyed to have seen our little on.

It's funny cause I keep saying - I think it's another boy just cause my symptoms are the same as they were with J but after our ultrasound - C and I both said to each other in the car : GIRL. So we will be finding out in a couple of months.

I go for my 12 week midwife appointment next week, and I get to hear the heart this time. SO excited.

Sorry this is SO long but I needed to write everything down. I will be doing weekly check ins and I really hope to get back on track with the blog.

Thanks for sticking by me folks!

Much love