Thursday, April 26, 2012

14 weeks!

Wow! A week has gone by already?? Things sure are moving along this time around.

At 14 weeks I am feeling a lot better. My nausea is pretty much gone. While I still get headaches - I think it's from being tired still. I need to see my eye doctor and will be doing that in June. My food aversions are slim to none - well except for peas. I CANNOT stand those green little suckers right now. Not a whole lot of cravings either. I still need my chocolate milk in the morning... sometimes I crave corn pops but other than that not a whole lot. Correction! Mushroom soup! I want it!!

I weighed myself on Sunday and I am still at 158 lbs which is only a gain of 3 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. I can't even remember how much I gained with James at this point - but it was more than that!

The new bed is treating me very well. I can get to sleep and STAY asleep. HEAVEN!! Although I am still having troubles with heartburn. It only seems to make an appearance once I'm ready for bed - so a friend said to try baking soda and water - works great!

I now know that I am defiantly feeling little kicks in there. It's crazy how I forgot the little things about being pregnant. I cannot wait for Chris and James to be able to feel baby kick. James always say "HI baby" every morning and gives my belly a kiss. It seriously brings a tear to my eye.

Speaking of tears - I cannot stop crying. Chris thinks it's hilarious. I on the other hand, don't like it. Sure everyone needs a good cry now and then but this - this is crazy! I don't remember being this emotional with James.

Round Ligament pain! HOLY JEBUS! I never really experienced this with James but now at 14 weeks it comes and goes and man -!! 

I have my next midwife appointment May 14th. I am itching to hear bubs heartbeat again. I have to remind myself to ask what the rate was. My Aunt has this uncanny way of knowing just by the heartrate what the baby is. ie: Boy/Girl - I don't think she's been wrong...ever. We do find out in 45 days...I am excited yet also kinda of like - do I really want to know?? With James we let it be a surprise...and a surprise he was!

Well on to another week! We are going to visit my parents on Saturday. Hoping to come back on Tuesday...then we are heading out again on the Friday as my cousin is getting married.... oh boy... I'm going to be a mess!!

Much love