Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my love

So tomorrow C turns...26! This weekend we celebrated by going to our local pub for some food and he had some drinks. My mother in law was kind enough to take J for the night (this does not happen very often. I HATE being away from J) Although I can say, we did stay there that night too! We had a big group of our friends come, and it was so nice to see everyone. It was a great night. I think C enjoyed his time out...maybe a little too much!!

My MIL also treated me to some R&R..I got to go and get a pedi.. ahh it was bliss!!

Today was spent lazing around, watching football with the family. J got a new toy from Nana, but he was not really interested in it. Instead my son was infatuated with his CAT key. Or as he calls it, his "carcar". No lie, he has not put this key down for almost 3 days. And if you even attempt to take it away, he throws a FIT! Come to think of it.. I don't remember him having it on the car ride home... hmm we may have a rough morning... Anyways, we stayed for dinner tonight at the in laws. C wanted lasagna for dinner and we had lemon pie for dessert (C's favorite!) I must say I had a wonderful weekend with my in laws. I always love spending time with family.

On another note, my parents are settling in in their new home 3.5 hours away. My mom said it was the move from hell!! First off, my dad's truck died on the Hope Princeton highway, my sister and her boyfriend didn't arrive until 11:30 that night (12 hours AFTER they left the coast) and to top everything off.. their new couches didn't match! I feel terrible for them and also miss them already! I can't wait for our first trip up to see them!

So there you have it. Oh and my mother in law was nice enough to lend me her camera for the week until I pick one that I like! So me on the lookout for some new reviews...

Much love