Friday, October 14, 2011

Time to stock up!

I have started my newborn stash... now before you get all excited..I'm not pregnant yet. HA! I just thought, rather then buying more One Size diapers (or larges) I thought now would be a good time to slowly start building my itty bitty stash. So far I have 4!

I have 2 Applecheeks size one covers and inserts (I AM SO getting their new inserts and am looking for EUC covers) I have the new LE Lake Echo and also a St. Lucia. I must say I love these diapers. Hence why I am looking for EUC cover. If I could just use these for baby #2 I would!

SCORE! I found 3 Applecheeks size one covers for 12.00 each! SO happy! And what makes me even MORE happy is Applecheeks came out with a NEW Microterry insert. I WILL be getting some of those. YA!

I also have a small gDiaper (I loved my g's) I may get another 2 pack just because I loved the ease and the fit of them. Then I have a size 1 Thirsties cover in Warm Stripes. I plan on purchasing some Bummis Preemie prefolds as well as some infant prefolds as well. I'm trying to decide if i want to purchase more Thirsties covers or if I should go with the Bummis Super Lite. They are a great price and are Made in Canada, so...there are So many decisions haha!

There are so may different brands and to be honest I want them all!!!

So here's hoping to a BFP in November!

Much love

p.s. have a GRREEAATT weekend!