Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Toy!!

Today I splurged! Yes, I bought myself a brand spankin' new camera!!

My MIL and myself (with J too!!) went to Costco because she said I may find a good deal. Well there wasn't anything great but I did decide to purchase a Nikon digital camera. An upgraded version from the one that we already had. When I went to pick it up the lady told me that they only had one left and that it was the display model. INSTANTLY I said I wanted a refund. There was no way I was taking the display mode..even if they gave me a discount (which they were not willing to do anyways..) so I left Costco empty handed.

My MIL then asked if I wanted to go to another store. I agreed and we headed off. I knew I had a budget to stick with ....but I wanted to make sure I got a good one. We couldn't afford a DSLR (I REALLY want one... like really really bad) but I couldn't fork out the 800.00 + dollars for one. But I did get the top of the line Canon Point and Shoot. (I still spent waaaaayyy too much, but C was ok with it. he loves it just as much as I do)

I love taking photos. I took photography all throughout high school and loved it. There's something about capturing a moment... ahh!

So anyways, I now get to play around with my new toy. I cannot wait for tomorrow when I can take J outside and take lots and lots of photos!

Now.. I need to find someone who makes super cute camera straps... anyone know of anyone?? let me know!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

Much love