Thursday, October 13, 2011

Backyard treasures

Today J and I spent some time in our backyard playing (J was more exploring than anything.) We've had some crummy weather but today was sunny but still chilly. I thought it would be nice to get outside when it wasn't raining!

 On top of it being a great day to be outside, I thought I would try out my new camera in some good light!

Such a pretty color.

I thought the lighting was nice.

 Over the summer a tomato plant erupted from our garden. I say 'erupted' because one day it wasn't there, and then it seemed like the next day BAM there it was! Here are some hidden treasures. I dislike tomato's but C and J like them.
 I'm testing out the zoom for the one. Again, such beautiful colors. And the lighting was great!

Here's my monkey. Such a happy little boy. Hard to believe that he will be turning 2 in three short months. I've already started planning for it. I NEED to find a 'momo' cake pan. I think we will do an Elmo theme. Really hoping that tomorrow is just as nice as today was. Maybe then we can go to the park! Have a great Thursday!

Much love xoxo