Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Tonight was J's first time Trick or Treating! Last year he was stroller bound and wasn't really into wearing his costume for very long. This year, again he wasn't very happy about wearing a costume, but he did it and he looked OH so CUTE!!

Originally I wanted to make him a Sack'o'Potatoes.. I had an actual burlap sac but I just didn't have time to make it so my MIL bought an Elmo costume for him. He is in love with Momo.. so it was only fitting...

We went to about 12 houses around my in laws house...basically to visit the neighbors who know J and haven't seen him in a long time... He was running from house to house.. sneaking extra candy when no one was looking (we were all looking..and laughing) He got a great haul of candy.

After about 45 minute's we went back to my in laws and had some tea then came home. Little man was out cold before we got home. So he didn't get his bath tonight... I did get a chance to brush his teeth, then it was bed time. He went down without a fight... I guess getting free candy is hard work!

Well until next Halloween!

J the HAMburger 2010

Momo - 2011

Much love