Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mix up!

Today C and I thought was J's first day of swimming lessons... I wasn't going with them as I have been battling the headache from hell! So C got all the stuff ready to go to the pool. J had no idea what was going on but left with Daddy happy to go in the 'car car'

I felt really bad that I wasn't going to be there for his first lesson but there was no way I could venture out into bright lights and A LOT of noise.

Around 6:30 this evening, C and J returned home. I asked how it went and C said "His lessons aren't until NEXT week..the 18th!"

*Palm to forehead* WHOOPS!

Anyways, C and J played in the pool. Apparently J is a little fish. Venturing out and dunking his own head. Like father like son I guess. C loves the water. So I guess J get's that from his daddy.

At least I can be there next with, camera in hand to see my little boy at his first swimming lessons. I can't wait!


His Classes were CANCELED! He was the only one who was signed up for that time slot :(