Sunday, July 22, 2012


I had two giveaways end this month - We had the $25.00 Gift certificate to SweetPea Maternity and the Aqueduck faucet extender from Peachy LLC. I was surprised to see such low entries.

I just wanted to mention that when you are entering, please make sure you are actually doing the mandatory entries. I usually have two that must be done before any other entries count, and I have had a lot of people just do one entry. Then there are the entries who say they did one thing but never actually did it. I hate disqualifying people, but I will do it if needed.

Anyways - I have announced the winners via the Rafflecopter form but I like to do a post so you don't have to go looking through posts (unless you want to hehe)

The winner of the $25.00 SweetPea Maternity giveaway was: Brook Thomas!

The winner of the Aqueduck giveaway was: Sacha Hammerer!

Congratulations to you both. Both prizes have been claimed!

It's going to be quiet on the blog for a week or so as we are in the middle of moving and I don't know when we are going to disconnect our Internet and plus - we move on Saturday and we are not totally packed yet. Yikes!

So once we are all settled I will get back to blogging!

Happy Sunday
Much love