Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25 years, 26 weeks and a 2.5 year old

Today was a BIG day for us. Well for me anyways. Chris went to work like he always does, I on the other hand took the day off - for good reason. It's my birthday!
A birthday rose from Chris xo

Today I turn 25 - TWENTY FIVE! Ahh - It came quick.

So I started my birthday day by waking up at 6:45am to get ready as I had to go get some blood work done. Well, I had a nasty 2 hour glucose test to do. I originally turned down the test but after talking to my mom - I decided it was a good idea just to make sure that I didn't have GD. So I am hoping that my midwives will have my results on Monday when I go in.

With James I did the one hour test and it wasn't that bad - but this time around I had to fast for 12 hours (which never goes well for me - I always end up feeling super sick if I cannot eat) Anyways I got to the lab at 8:15 ish and by 8:25 they had taken the first vial of blood and I downed a clear, SUPER SWEET drink that just about made me puke. I went and sat back down. I was feeling fine, but about 40 minutes later - I got hot, queasy and I felt like I was going to barf. Thankfully I didn't and I got through the rest of the test. I bruised a little where the needles were placed and my arms are slightly sore, but I'm just glad that it;s all over and done with. I went shopping after that to see if I could find a nice dress to wear for dinner and I did find a cute little black dress. James also got a new big kick ball and some new Elmo soap (The kid is obsessed with soap) After that we came home, each had a piece of Zucchini bread and took a nap.

My little cuddle bug
Today also marked 26 weeks pregnant with baby Graham! I'm feeling a lot better - not as tired. I started making smoothies for James and I - and I think that has something to do with it. Nothing is really new - Graham is still very active - there are times I can feel his little bum or head at my side, but other than that everything is going great. I cannot believe there is only 14 weeks to go!

26 weeks!
After Chris got home - we got ready as we were going out for a nice dinner just the two of us to celebrate. I've never really been one to do big celebrations, so we decided to go out for dinner sans James. My MIL agreed to watch him as we were only going to be gone max 2 hours. We went to the Keg and stuffed our faces with super yummy food. We shared appies - Scallops and Bacon and also Mushroom Neptune. For our main entree Chris had the Peppercorn New York steak and I had what I always have - the Blue Cheese Fillet. Again - so flipping good! We shared a piece of Billy Miner pie and that was that. We finished up and went home.
My dinner

I just wanted to mention that today Jimmy is 2.5 years old - time is flying by and my little baby is growing so fast. I feel like everything is moving at hyper speed and I need life to slow down.

So that's that! I got some fluffy mail and a new JuJuBe major (used) mail today which was great! I LOVE fluffy mail. I have some more arriving soon - so keep an eye out!

Happy Wednesday

Much love